Family relationship

Kinship – a diagram and a detailed explanation of who is who in them. In the Bulgarian language there is a different word for each connection in the genus, which makes it a little difficult to remember, but on the other hand it is extremely useful and interesting. We will acquaint with the explanations consistently.

Parents – my Mom and Dad.
Grandparents – my parents’ parents.
Great-grandparents – the parents of my grandparents.
Children – my children. They can be a daughter or a son.
Foster children – when a child has a blood relationship with only one parent, it is called foster care for the other parent.
Adopted children – when the children do not have a blood relationship with their parents, ie. their biological parents are different.
Grandchildren – grandson and granddaughter. My children’s children are grandchildren to me.
Great-grandchildren – great-grandson and great-granddaughter. My grandchildren are great-grandchildren for my parents.
Brothers and sisters – relationship between children in the family.
Marital partner – husband and wife or in other words husband and wife.

Father-in-law – the father of my wife / wife.
Mother-in-law – the mother of my wife / wife.
Father-in-law – the father of my husband / husband.
Mother-in-law – the mother of my husband / husband.

Parents-in-law- the parents of the spouses are matchmakers.
Father-in-law – the father of the child’s spouse.
Mother-in-law – the mother of the child’s spouse.

Son-in-law – husband of a daughter in relation to her parents, brothers, sisters and relatives.
Daughter-in-law – the son’s wife in relation to parents, siblings or relatives

Uncle – my father’s brother. It is also found as an uncle.
Aunt – my uncle’s wife. It is also found as a finch.
Uncle – my mother’s brother.
Uncle – my uncle’s wife. She also meets as a student.
Aunt – my father’s sister or my mother. She also meets as an aunt.
Uncle – my aunt’s husband. It is also found as a cripple, aunt, aunt.

Nephew – the sons of the brothers’ sisters and sisters.
Niece – the daughters of the brothers’ sisters and sisters

First cousin – the sons of brothers and sisters.
First cousin – the daughters of brothers and sisters.
Second cousin – the sons of the first cousins.
Second cousin – the daughters of the first cousins.
Third cousin – the sons of the second cousins.
Third cousin – the daughters of the second cousins.

Brother-in-law – brother of a husband in relation to the wife.
Sister-in-law – the wife of one brother in relation to the wife of another brother.
Sister-in-law – a husband’s sister in relation to his wife.
Brother-in-law – the wife’s brother.
Sister-in-law – the wife of the brother-in-law.
wife’s sister – the wife’s sister in relation to the husband.
Brother-in-law – the husband of the brother-in-law. Each of the sisters’ spouses in relation to the other.

As you can see, these kinship relationships are complex, but unlike many other languages, they describe kinship relationships in detail. In order to clarify and visually show you a diagram to illustrate things. Take a look at it and think a little about it to make it clear / click full screen /:

Family relationship

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