Baby at 3 months

In the third month of life the child continues to develop actively. He shows more and more interest in the world around him and is awake for more and more time.

Medical examinations of a 3-month-old baby

During the examination, the doctor will again measure the circumference of the head and chest, will measure his height and weight.

Standards for height and weight

How many kilograms the child has gained and how much he has grown in height – these are two key indicators of his health. Therefore, the doctor will carefully approach their determination every month. It is completely normal for the child to gain 800 g. As for the height, 3 cm can be expected there.

Of course, these indicators are indicative and you should not worry if they do not match the results. The most important indicator of a child’s health is his self-esteem.

Emotional world of a 3-month-old baby

At this age, the child’s sense of smell is activated. He can tell if his mother is next to him, just by her scent. He also recognizes her voice very well.

This is one of the most important aspects that show that the development in the first months of the child is completely normal.

As already mentioned, the little one finds the world quite interesting. He is ready to give a smile to anyone who approaches him. It is possible to even laugh.

The child is now not just an observer, but also seeks to interact with you. Feels the need to communicate.

You may notice that the child from time to time gets tired of the situation in the crib or crib. It will gladly accept your embrace. If you wear it with your face facing forward, you will definitely like it. The world is so exciting!

The third month is the perfect time to determine what baby crying means. It has nuances and can vary from child to child. When a child is hungry, he begins to make a specific sound. When he wants to sleep, he makes monotonous sounds and can even rub his eyes.

Sudden crying is typical of colic.


Do not hesitate to offer the child a carousel with bright toys. He is able to have fun with it for a long time.


The child is increasingly able to discover the sources of sounds. He is even interested in adult conversations. The beautiful melodies make him calm down and listen for a while.


In the third month you will notice that the waking time after eating is getting longer. The baby’s sleep is already uneven. It may suddenly cry at night or start spinning. Then he calms down on his own and falls asleep sweetly for a long time.

These changes are associated with the change of fast and slow phases of sleep.

A three-month-old baby needs 16-18 hours of sleep a day. About 6 hours of them are a continuous night’s sleep. Total night’s sleep should be 9-10 hours.

At this age, the child’s skull is still quite a century. Therefore, you should regularly change the position of his body in bed. This will avoid deformations and improper adhesion of the skull bones.

Child care

Occasionally there are pimples on the child’s face. They are not a cause for concern. This is a natural process of removing maternal hormones from his body. They enter his body through breast milk. If necessary, consult a pediatrician.

Monitor the condition of the nails. They grow incredibly fast. Cut them during the day when the child is awake, not before bedtime, because then most often children are capricious and restless.

It is recommended to go for daily walks in the fresh air. They are useful for strengthening the health of the child. Depending on the time between 2 and 4 hours a day are quite sufficient.

Physical activity

The child has long since stopped holding his hands in his fists. Now he is more relaxed and you see his open palm. In the third month, the sucking reflex develops – anything that comes close to his mouth is a good opportunity to suck it. This means that you may not be able to seduce him with a pacifier when he is hungry. It used to be easier.

The well-fed and happy child will accept with interest the toy you offer him. He may not hold it in his hand for now, but he will almost certainly taste it. At this age, children still do not realize that it is a separate object.

In the third month, the hands continue to be the most interesting object to study.

Educational games

At this age it is now more possible to play with the child. If you want to entertain him from time to time, you can train his eyes. Offer him the following game: pick up a large and bright object. Start moving it slowly and smoothly in front of the child’s eyes. Follow the reactions and change the “rules of the game”. This will be interesting for the child.

At the end of the month:

At this age, the period of wakefulness between falls asleep has already increased to an hour – an hour and a half. It is important to surround the child with a lot of care and love. Talk to him more and more often, kiss him, hug him, walk around the house with him and hold his hands. It already knows how:

– When lying on his back, the child holds his head for 20-25 seconds, and in an upright position – up to 15 seconds. He knows how to turn his head in different directions.

– Some children can now rotate from a back position to a side position. When you lie on your back, lean on your elbows.

– He smiles, recognizes others, “sings” when you communicate with him.

– It becomes more and more emotional, he can laugh out loud and imitate the facial expressions of his parents.

– Can express dissatisfaction and seek the attention of others with shouting or crying. At the end of the third month you can detect some of the traits of the child’s character. It will manifest them in adulthood.

– The child easily recognizes light and sound sources.

– Holding it over a hard surface, the child with his feet pushes away from it.

– The child already knows how to reach for a proposed toy and tries to catch it. He even tries to hit the toys hanging in front of him.

“Once a toy falls into his hands, it will almost certainly be placed in his mouth.”

– The child is already showing interest in his feet. He studies his face with his hands.

– The child’s movements, above all, continue to be arbitrary.

Сподели какво мислиш по темата и как се чувстваш по-долу.


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