9 gestational week

9 gestational week corresponds to the 3rd month of pregnancy and falls in the first trimester. Few in the environment notice the changes that are taking place in the body of a pregnant woman, at this stage. Only the morning sickness and sudden mood swings can give her away. Usually during this gestational week, the woman is already aware that she is pregnant. It is possible that she has already visited an obstetrician-gynaecologist and the pregnancy follow-up has begun. If not, do not delay seeing the doctor.

Embryo size and development at 9 weeks gestation

  • Height – 2.3 cm.
  • Weight – 2 g.

The third month of pregnancy begins. The fetus is about 2.5 cm long, and its weight passes 2 g. Its tiny face already has quite human features. He is able to move his arms and legs and to flex at his joints. The palms are forming.

It is hard to imagine that his eyes are the window to his soul. In the 9th gestational week the eyelids appear. Even the first signs of a sucking reflex are already noticeable.

At this stage of its development, the tail disappears. His heart is already tricameral, and red blood cells are not only formed, but also circulate throughout the fetal body.

All systems – digestive, endocrine, respiratory – are constantly being perfected. If until now the future child had primary kidneys, now they are real.

In an ultrasound examination, one can track when the fetus is asleep and when it is awake.

What does a pregnant woman feel during the ninth gestational week?

A woman’s internal organs are constantly adjusting to the never-ending changes. She already begins to feel more relaxed. The mammary glands are enlarging and a new bra size has to be purchased.

Nausea and vomiting almost disappear. There is very little left until they are completely forgotten – this happens by the 12th gestational week.

The pregnant woman feels full of energy. The kidneys are heavily loaded. The uterus continues to grow and stretch the ligaments.

If you feel pain along with pulling sensations similar to a cramp, see a doctor.

Normal vaginal discharge is light in color, blood and pus are absent. Be careful. Any symptom of infection is a reason to consult a doctor. The immune system is still weakened and the risk of fungal infections is high.

Now is the time to start taking care of your skin – slather on anti-stretch mark creams. They should contain vitamins A and E.

The menu of a pregnant woman in the 9th gestational week

The consumption of processed meats and semi-finished products is not recommended. Learn to cook at home – so the food will be as useful as possible. Traditional dishes are the least harmful to health.

Opt for roasting, steaming and braising. Consume less ketchup, mayonnaise and similar products. Reduce the amount of pasta. The latter can provoke oedema.

Eat often, but less. In this way, you will cope with bouts of nausea and supply the body with the necessary nutrients for fetal development.

It is advisable to have breakfast three times. This way you will overcome the morning malaise.

What is seen on ultrasound?

The back of the fetus is already straightening, as the bone system and muscles are becoming stronger. His head is still larger in size and tilted forward. The arms are well developed. The fetus can bend them at the elbows.

The brain is developing intensively. Dark spotting can be seen on the lower part of the trunk. This is the bladder. Next to the fetus is the corpus luteum.

Intimate life

In the absence of contraindications, you can practice sex. At this stage, it is not only not prohibited, but recommended. However, be careful. If brownish spotting appears during the ninth gestational week, you should refrain from intimate contacts. Consult a gynaecologist.

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