8 months of pregnancy

Month 8 of pregnancy means you are already feeling Braxton Hicks contractions on a daily basis. They are a natural part of the body’s preparation for birth. They are not painful and their duration is short. There is little time until the baby arrives. In case the contractions become painful and you feel them for an hour, consult a doctor immediately. Premature labour may have started. At this stage of pregnancy, it is important to monitor your nutrition, take regular walks and breathe fresh air. Rest less often.

The abdomen in the eighth month is already quite large and it is now that the bottom of the uterus will reach its maximum high position. This can provoke breathing difficulties as the child is directly under your ribs. Choosing a sleeping posture becomes increasingly difficult. Experts strongly recommend not to sleep on your back during the last months of pregnancy. In this posture, the inferior vena cava is squeezed, which provokes an acceleration of the heartbeat, dizziness and a deterioration in general self-esteem.

Fetal development in the 8th month of pregnancy

Your child already distinguishes darkness from day. It has finally formed and is becoming more and more refined with each passing day. At the beginning of the eighth month, its height reaches about 40-43 cm, and the weight – 1.7 kg. By the end of the month it will gain 200 g per week.

In the 32-32nd gestational week, the child in the mother’s womb takes the position in which it will come into the world. Ideally – upside down. Between 4-6% of children remain upside down or transverse. No matter what the situation is for you, do not be unduly excited. There is enough time for the child to stand in the right position.

Your future child is already experiencing emotions, pain and even his mood is changing. It distinguishes smells, tastes, hears, sees and needs attention. It knows how your heart beats, it recognizes the sound of your blood and the moving umbilical cord. Part of its world is your voice and that of its father.

During the 8th month of pregnancy, the baby is constantly training the muscles of his face. It exercises the sucking reflex and can be seen with a finger in its mouth. This training is important and will be noticed immediately after birth. The child is almost ready for independent living. All its major organs and life support systems are developed and functioning. Only the final shaping of the lungs remains.

At this stage, the child is almost indistinguishable from the image of an adult. He sees, hears, can frown, raise his eyelids, etc. The color of the skin becomes uniform, the cheek and shoulders are plump, thanks to subcutaneous fat. The first hair on the head gradually makes its way.

The primordial lubricant continues to thicken, it will ease the child’s way through the birth canals. Scientists believe that in the third trimester it is already dreaming – its eyelids move in a rhythm that is characteristic of the rapid phase of sleep. His brain continues to become more complex and sophisticated. New nerve connections between cells are formed. Although the bones in the body are strengthened and the cartilage in the ears and nose is hard, the cranial bones remain soft so that birth can proceed without trauma.

An important function is now performed by the liver. It accumulates iron in quantities that are necessary for the body to bleed on its own during the first year of the child’s life. By the end of the month the child will be 45-46 cm tall.

Possible problems and sensations in the 8th month of pregnancy

This month is exciting and often the pregnant woman thinks about the upcoming birth. This may increase her distraction. She continues to get tired more often, and physically and emotionally she is literally overwhelmed.

The constantly growing child has already left almost no room for movements in the womb. This makes its kicks even more pronounced, and some more sharp – even painful. Wait a little longer. Pretty soon the child will lower closer to your pelvis and you will feel relief.

The physical sensations in the 8th month of pregnancy can hardly be described as merely pleasant. You are plagued by shortness of breath, trouble moving around during sleep, heartburn, frequent urges for little need, constipation, back pain, etc. The child squeezes the internal organs and this affects its functioning. If you happen to drop some urine uncontrollably, don’t be alarmed. Pretty soon the pressure on the bladder will ease.

The pelvic vasculature begins to dilate as labour approaches. This can cause you unpleasant painful sensations. It is now possible to start walking like a “duckling”. The characteristic gait of a pregnant woman. Exercise contractions become more noticeable and regular. Colostrum is secreted from the nipples – this is the first and important food for the newborn.

In the eighth month, you may feel yourself getting tired even faster. We do not recommend long walks. Rest more at home and go outside in the company of another person. Daily walks are recommended. At this stage of pregnancy, the amount of fluids in the mother’s body increases significantly. This may manifest itself in the form of swelling on the face and limbs. It is important to monitor blood pressure.

As for back pain. They are due to your heavy abdomen. Not infrequently, this painful symptom manifests itself after a walk. To cope with it, lie down and rest a little. If the pain lasts for more than half an hour, call an ambulance or head to the hospital immediately. Changes in the hormonal background are capable of provoking something quite unpleasant and undesirable – increased growth of body hair. This phenomenon is temporary and after childbirth, when the level of hormones normalizes, disappears.

Premature birth in the eighth month of pregnancy

In the third trimester, the eventual onset of labor does not carry as many risks as before. Premature birth means that the mother’s body cannot carry the child to term. The reasons can be various, some of them are not yet fully studied. Among the most familiar causes are: infection, hypertension, smoking, drug intake, problems with the placenta, cervical abnormality, etc.

According to statistics, most often premature birth is observed in the summer months, which is explained by the increased fluid loss in the body of a pregnant woman. To stay optimally hydrated, regardless of the season, consume water regularly.

A reason to head to the hospital right away are the following signs of preterm labor: active uterine contractions have started with a frequency of 5 or more for an hour; you notice that there are bloody streams coming from the vagina; you experience pain when passing urine at a small need; you have started vomiting; with severe pain low in the pelvis; leakage of amniotic fluid.

Nutrition recommendations in the eighth month of pregnancy

During the eighth and ninth months, a pregnant woman suffers from digestive problems. They are provoked by the squeezing of the internal organs – heartburn, bloating, constipation. To cope with them, eat properly and exclude products that hamper the digestive system.

The rule remains to eat often, but with smaller portions. Avoid overeating. Exclude fatty, fried, sour food, sweets and smoked meats. To avoid worsening the problem of edema, we recommend limiting salt consumption. Do not drink fluids immediately before sleep.

Lean meat, fish, fruits and vegetables should be present on the table. Eat meat and fish preferably in the first half of the day. Give preference to foods rich in calcium. These are yoghurt-dairy products and cottage cheese. To prevent anaemia, eat beef, liver, spinach, green apples, etc.

Sex in the third trimester

And here the answer to the question is individual. It is mandatory to consult the doctor who monitors the pregnancy.

To look for a recommendation in the literature is not a solution, since there you can find different points of view. In the absence of contraindications, the supervising gynaecologist will not prohibit intimate caresses.

It is obligatory during sex to give up uncomfortable postures, aggressive movements, etc.

Сподели какво мислиш по темата и как се чувстваш по-долу.


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