8 gestational week

8 gestational week corresponds to the 2nd month of pregnancy and falls in the first trimester. At this stage of pregnancy, women already know that they are expecting a child. If they do not know with certainty, they at least have doubts about it. All the signs of early pregnancy are present. What happens to the pregnant woman and the embryo during this gestational week?

Size and development of the embryo in the 8th gestational week

Your future child now has a new status. It is no longer called an embryo, but a fetus. The placenta is developing. At this stage, the fetus has already started to draw nutrients through the umbilical cord.

Despite its small size, it looks like a human. The internal organs are being perfected. The heart becomes four-chambered, bronchi form in the lungs, kidneys appear.

The monk begins to actively move – flexes and unfolds its arms and legs, wiggles.

The main task in the 8 gestational week is to develop the nervous system to the maximum. The fetus already has a spinal cord and brain, the cerebellum has formed. The nerve cells are actively developing.

The medulla oblongata has also formed. It is because of this that already in the eighth week the fetus can already move its head.

At this stage, the size of the head represents almost half the length of the future child. Prominent are the ears and the eyes – the eyelids are still absent on the latter. The nose has not formed. The fingers and elbow joints are more developed.

In the presence of testosterone, the formation of testes, male urinary duct, prostate, etc., begins. If there is no Y chromosome, the fetus develops in the female pattern.

Signs of pregnancy in the eighth gestational week

All the signs manifested at this time continue to be observed during this week. It is possible for a pregnant woman to be irritable and overemotional. It is advisable to calm down and concentrate your thoughts on the future child and its health.

Think positive. Pleasant sensations reflect well on the development of the fetus. It grows quickly, but the weight does not increase rapidly.

The breasts continue to increase in size.

The immune system is still weakened. Beware of infections and colds. The uterus has swollen in size to 8 cm. Her neck is noticeably elongated. Ideally it should be tightly closed.

What does a pregnant woman feel during the 8th gestational week?

The pregnant woman’s sensations are strongly influenced by pregnancy. If you continue to suffer from toxicosis, consult a doctor. It can provoke poisoning of the mother’s body and hence seriously harm the embryo.

More than five vomits a day are a reason to see a doctor.

An enlarged uterus puts pressure on the bladder. Therefore, you will often want to go to the toilet at little need.

Absence of painful sensations is a good sign. If you feel pain during urination, you may be suffering from cystitis. Consult a doctor immediately and start treatment.

Vaginal discharge should be light and acidic in smell. If their characteristics change, this is a cause for concern. It may be an infection.

The menu of a pregnant woman in the eighth gestational week

Healthy eating is among the main tasks facing a pregnant woman. Avoid smoked, salty and unprocessed foods. Salt is inadvisable for women who are prone to edema.

Avoid intoxication as it may adversely affect the future child. Among the dangerous foods are mushrooms, meat, fish, unpasteurized milk.

It is not advisable to consume coffee, cocoa and overdo it with chocolate. Eat in moderation.

What is seen on ultrasound?

The embryo is now about the size of a bean. Its head is slightly larger than its body. You can start to see the neck more clearly. Where the hands come together, you can see a dark spot – that’s the heart. The yellow body in the form of a dark spot next to it means that the development of the future child is proceeding normally.


Biochemical analysis of blood – it allows to assess the state of the internal organs of a woman and determine which trace elements are not enough. Urinalysis



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