7 months of pregnancy

7 month of pregnancy put the first steps in the last trimester. It can be defined as relatively calm. By this time, you should have passed all the basic analyses and examinations, and the term is at hand.

If you keep working, you will have to go on sick leave very soon. Even if this does not particularly appeal to you, you should not underestimate the workload of the working day. Of course, as long as you feel well, keep working, but take more frequent breaks.

It’s imperative to take a nap every 20 minutes. Go outside or stand by a window. On your lunch break, try to go for a walk. During the seventh month of pregnancy, a woman can actively communicate with the offspring in her belly through music. The dad is probably already talking to the fetus after he returns from work. At this stage it is very important to monitor your condition, eat optimally, get enough sleep and be in the fresh air more often.

Fetal development in the 7th month of pregnancy

Pregnancy lasts 9 months, but if your future child decides to come into the world now, it has a good chance of surviving. Its development allows it to continue growing and improving outside the mother’s womb. The need for medical help is not excluded. The fetus is already distinguished by its human appearance. By the 28th gestational week, he is already 35-40 cm tall and weighs 1-1.5 kg.

During an ultrasound examination, the doctor will notice how distinctly the heart of your future child beats. You can even try to determine its sex yourself – by the heartbeat. It is believed that the hearts of girls and boys beat differently. In girls, the rhythm is rapid, and in boys – calm and measured.

At this stage of pregnancy, the fetus can already open its eyes, and fully consciously. Notice the thin eyelashes on the eyelids. The fetus shows interest in everything that happens outside its “home”. Scientists claim that it begins to learn its native language already in the mother’s womb. Evidence of this was the child’s howl, which was similar to the mother’s voice in intonation and rhythm.

In the seventh month, the development of the auditory apparatus is completed. The child can well distinguish his mother’s voice and after birth it is he who will soothe him. Therefore, specialists advise to actively communicate with the fetus during the last three months of pregnancy.

At this stage, the child is actively learning. He raises and relaxes his eyelids, smiles, plays, learns but movements and studies his body. It can dream and respond to its dreams. There is already enamel on his teeth, although they remain under the gums for now. He is constantly impressed by light, tastes and smells.

The middle of the seventh month is crucial, as then a crucial stage in the development of the brain takes place. It increases in volume, folds form. Now the child is fully prepared for its soon appearance in the white world: the respiratory system is formed, the immune system is working, as well as the process of thermoregulation, the genitals and all the limbs are formed. It can rotate, open its eyes, “breathe” with its nose. The intestines and kidneys are functioning. Per day, the kidneys excrete about half a liter of urine.

From the moment a pregnant woman has perceived the first “kicks” of her baby, she needs to monitor them carefully – in terms of intensity and frequency. This is an important indicator of fetal health. In the seventh month, it is normal to feel weak uterine contractions. They are painless and are temporary in nature. The future mother’s organism is preparing for childbirth.

At the end of the first third of the last trimester, the formation of the genital system is completed. In boys, the testicles relax, and in girls the clitoris is formed.

Possible problems in the 7th month of pregnancy

In the seventh month, there are not any unusual sensations and challenges for a pregnant woman. Probably her anxiety towards the approaching term may be heightened. Now she has gained weight substantially. In the optimal case, we are talking about 9-10 kg. Her abdomen has grown, it is even possible that her skin is itching due to the stretching. In some women, red oblong spots appear on the abdomen – these are the stretch marks.

The breasts continue to grow, and colostrum is secreted from the mammary glands. A normal complaint at this stage is a constant sensation of heat. It is accompanied by intense sweating, especially at night. These sensations are due to the accelerated metabolism and increased amount of circulating blood. From the previous month, the likelihood of swelling on the extremities remains. Avoid prolonged standing or sitting in one place.

As for vaginal discharge, in the seventh month it should be white and may be slightly more abundant. If they are accompanied by a feeling of discomfort, unpleasant odor or changes in consistency, you have cause for concern. Consult a doctor immediately. During this month you may feel pain in the abdomen and back, it is associated with stretching of the ligaments and muscles. The strain on the spine increases.

The uterus is already quite enlarged and puts pressure on the internal organs, provoking breathing difficulties, digestive problems, heartburn, constipation, flatulence and bloating. And in this month, distraction and forgetfulness are characteristic of a pregnant woman. She is increasingly tired.

Recommendations for nutrition in the seventh month of pregnancy

During this month, the child accumulates phosphorus, iron and calcium. His bones are already formed, but they are still quite weak. Therefore, it is necessary for a pregnant woman to eat a balanced diet. In this way, she will also enjoy good self-esteem.

For the full development of the fetus, it is necessary to take all the important nutrients. Watch the quantity and quality of the products you put on the table. Give preference to home-made dishes that you have prepared yourself.

The recommendation remains to avoid fatty, fried, spicy or sour food. It worsens the problem of heartburn. It is recommended to limit the consumption of salty food and salt – it retains fluids in the body and increases the risk of edema.

Reduce your intake of coffee and tea as well. Replace them with fruit juices and herbal teas. Protein-rich food, nuts, cereals, porridges, liver (it is an excellent source of iron, i.e. prevents the development of anemia) must be present in the menu.

Consume fruits and vegetables daily. They are rich in fibre and improve bowel function. Not to mention the vitamins and minerals they contain, which are key for fetal development. Continue to consume yogurt-dairy products and cottage cheese. They supply the body with calcium.

As before, eat several times a day, but with smaller portions. Have breakfast and dinner should be 2-3 before sleep. A pregnant woman needs snacks throughout the day. They should not be expressed in sweet foods or hamburger, rather bet on yogurt, banana, nuts, cottage cheese, fruit or vegetable salad, dried fruits.

Sex in the third trimester

Is sex safe in the seventh month of pregnancy? Trust the opinion of your supervising gynecologist. He closely monitors the results of tests and analyses and can tell you how the pregnancy is progressing.

The absence of contraindications is a clear sign that you have no reason to worry that intimate caresses with your partner will harm your future child.

You should know that sex does not harm the child, however, its reaction to orgasm is different. Some become activated and others calm down and remain calm. In both cases, the reaction is completely normal.

Сподели какво мислиш по темата и как се чувстваш по-долу.


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