7 gestational week

7 gestational week corresponds to the 2nd month of pregnancy and falls in the first trimester. During this period, the body’s readjustment begins. The hormonal background changes and the signs of pregnancy are more and more obvious. Many pregnant women are faced with toxicosis, general fatigue and weakness. There are lucky women who do not feel them at all.

Size and development of the embryo in 7 gestational weeks

The formation of the brain begins. Along with it, the visual system is actively developing.

In the 7th gestational week, the embryo already has an incipient intestine, now they are already divided into an upper and a lower part. The upper consists of the gullet, esophagus and stomach. The development of the pancreas and liver continues. The rectum and bladder are formed. In male embryos, the prostate develops.

During the 6th gestational week, the rudiments of the kidneys are formed. Now the gonads are formed from them. The spine and limbs continue to develop. The arms themselves are forming much faster. The placenta thickens and reaches almost a centimeter.

This initial stage of fetal life is particularly important. Then the foundations of the future organism are laid.

Signs of pregnancy in the seventh gestational week

The female organism continues to change. Hormones guide the whole process, like it or not.

Sometimes you may feel nauseous from certain foods and vomit in the morning. Some pregnant women feel the need to lie down for a while, get easily irritated and upset by the slightest little thing.

Don’t worry, this behavior is perfectly normal. It will pass.

The uterus continues to enlarge. It is now the size of an egg.

The size of the breasts increases significantly. If you were complaining about small breasts before, now you have no reason to. This process may be accompanied with slight painful sensations.

Because of hormonal changes, a redistribution of fat tissue in the body begins. The figure acquires a rounder outline.

What does a pregnant woman feel during the 7th gestational week?

Even if you continue to go to work, you feel that your working capacity has slightly decreased. At times you may feel dizzy, your blood pressure drops and you feel nauseous.

This stage of pregnancy is interesting and sometimes brings surprises. Some pregnant women begin to show cravings for foods that are unusual for them. Others become fascinated with art or travel.

The first months of pregnancy are often not easy for a woman. Follow the recommendations your doctor gives you.

Facial skin may change – become more oily, like that of a teenager. Sometimes pigment spots appear. It is not impossible to develop eczema. These cases are rare, but you should keep them in mind.

You may feel itching all over the body. This condition is described in medical books. It is due to hormonal changes.

You are advised to listen to your body language. Be attentive to any pain in the lower abdominal area. Cramps resembling contractions are a reason to see a doctor immediately.

If you notice a bloody discharge, consult a doctor. There is a risk of sweating.

The menu of a pregnant woman in the seventh gestational week

Long-standing research suggests that among the most recommended foods for pregnant women at this stage of pregnancy are porridges, pasta and fresh fruits and vegetables.

Do not give up dairy products. They still have a beneficial effect on the body. It is mandatory to consume protein daily – through the consumption of fish, place and nuts.

Due to the active development of the fetus, it is possible to notice a deterioration in the condition of the skin and hair. Therefore, it is advisable to continue taking a complex of vitamins and minerals. Especially important is folic acid – it is necessary for the formation of the nervous system of the child.

What is seen on ultrasound?

On the monitor screen, you can clearly see the formed embryo. The doctor will measure it. The arms and legs are visible. Soon the neck will be visible between the body and the head.

The fetal egg has noticeably grown. It occupies almost half the uterus. The yellow body from which the future child extracts nutrients is noticeable.


The gynecologist will measure the pelvic circumference and detect the weight of the pregnant woman. A smear is taken. Referrals are made for urine and blood analysis, blood for HIV, hepatitis and syphilis test.

An examination with a doctor and a dentist is mandatory.


It is inadvisable to use drugs, alcohol and medicines during this period of pregnancy. Give up cigarettes if you have not already done so.

Avoid infections and do not self-medicate.

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