6 months of pregnancy

Month 6 of pregnancy is the last of the second trimester of pregnancy. During this last month of it, you will enjoy relative peace of mind. The pregnant woman is already aware of the characteristic symptoms, has left some of them behind and is increasingly thinking about what lies ahead – entering the third trimester, preparing for the birth and caring for the newborn.

At this stage, the figure of the expectant mother is already quite changed. The abdomen has significantly enlarged, the waist is gone and clumsiness begins to “guest”.

Already clearly guess the accumulated kilograms. The usual clothes no longer fit you and it’s time to buy new ones depending on the season. In any case, you need loose clothing that does not tighten and does not stiffen movements. Opt for natural fabrics.

It’s quite possible that you’ll have breathing problems – for example, you may get short of breath. We recommend that you get more fresh air and avoid oxygen deficiency. Get more rest and spend less time standing up straight.

In the sixth month of pregnancy, it is advisable to be physically active. Regularly perform pregnancy gymnastics, breathing exercises, yoga, etc. This will keep your body and skin toned and improve your self-confidence.

Pay serious attention to your skin. Treat it with moisturizing creams and other means developed specifically to combat stretch marks. In addition, it is time to discuss breast preparation for breastfeeding with your supervising gynecologist.

Fetal development in the 6th month of pregnancy

All organs and systems of the fetus are functioning. He already distinguishes sounds, grimaces and opens and closes his fists. He is practicing his sucking abilities and can even put a finger in his mouth.

He continues to actively improve and grow his brain. He already has folds that will become even more distinct with time. By the end of the trimester, the weight of your future child’s brain will be 100 grams.

For now, the only fetal organ still underdeveloped is the lungs. However, the alveoli continue to form. In them, surfactant is already secreted – a substance that prevents the lungs from clumping together when breathing. At this stage, the fetus already carries out movements that resemble respiratory ones.

Although the child’s eyes are covered with thin skin, it reacts to light and opens them slightly. During an ultrasound examination, the fetus is seen to frown, move its eyebrows and squint its eyes.

Up to this point, the body has been quite weak. From here on, a process of active subcutaneous fat accumulation begins. Now the period of intense growth is replaced by active weight gain. Daily the child will gain 10-12 grams. So in a month he will weigh twice as much.

During the sixth 6 months of pregnancy, bones continue to strengthen. Nails have almost formed, eyelashes and eyebrows are already visible. The fetus even observes a sleep and wakefulness regime. Especially strong are the movements of the little man when he reacts to a sudden and loud sound. More activity is observed when the pregnant woman is excited. This is associated with the increase in the level of adrenaline in her body.

Your future child is protected by the placenta. The amniotic fluid is renewed every 4 hours, creating a natural barrier against negative influences and maintaining a comfortable temperature. The fetus can now swallow, “train” its lungs and its bowels are regularly “cleared”.

At the end of the sixth month, the fetus will be about 35 cm tall and its weight will be about 750 grams.

The sensations of a pregnant woman in the sixth month

With a normally progressing pregnancy, no serious changes are expected at this stage. The woman already feels in full force the changes in her body and prepares for the appearance of the new family member.

Some future parents are thinking about repairs, arranging the nursery, choosing a suitable name for the child, etc. However, it is not excluded that you feel fatigue more often than before. It is normal to forget and be distracted.

In the sixth month, you may be accompanied by unpleasant sensations such as minor groin or back pain. In the first case, it is a tension of the ligaments and muscles of the uterus, and in the second – a softening of the discs of the spine.

As a larger amount of blood circulates in the expectant mother’s body, she may complain of being unusually warm, and sweat profusely. In addition, it is not excluded that she may experience bleeding from the nose and gums. You can curb the latter case by enriching the menu with foods containing vitamin C.

The increased size of the uterus and the increased fluid level in the body increasingly put pressure on the bladder. This leads to an increase in the frequency of visits for minor need. In some cases, it is enough just to sneeze or laugh to lose control of the situation and drop some urine.

In the sixth month of pregnancy, it is important to pay attention to the load on the legs. It is increasing and there is no prospect of it stopping. Swelling may be noticed on the legs, and stiffness is not excluded.

We recommend that you rest regularly. Avoid prolonged standing or sitting. Always, whenever you can, get the legs up high.

When prone to developing varicose veins, try to take timely measures. Special socks and stockings are available.

To the swellings on the legs we can add those on the hands. They are sometimes accompanied by pain and a sensation of “tingling”. They are due to fluid accumulation in the body of a pregnant woman. To stop the “tingling”, it is enough to change the posture of the body.

Another problem in the 6th month of pregnancy affects the digestive system – heartburn, flatulence, constipation. The main helper to master the situation is rational nutrition. Do not ignore the danger of frequent constipation, it can provoke the development of hemorrhoids.

Finally, we will also mention the characteristic itching in the abdominal area. It is due to the increase in the abdomen and the stretching of the skin. As a result, it becomes drier and prone to the appearance of stretch marks. Do not delay in applying special moisturising agents. Massages are extremely effective.

Recommendations for nutrition in the 6th month of pregnancy

In the last month of the second trimester, it is important to control the daily menu. It is normal to gain 0.5 kg per week, i.e. 2-2.5 kg per month.

Excessive weight gain should be avoided, as it can lead to unwanted complications and deterioration of the pregnant woman’s self-esteem. There is a risk of triggering hypertension or diabetes. It is therefore advisable to eat less frequently but with smaller portions. Master your food preferences and give preference to the quality of products.

It is not desirable to consume food immediately before sleep. Have dinner 2-3 hours before bedtime. This way, you will wake up in the morning without swelling of the limbs and you will not be pressed by fatigue. To avoid swelling, the key is to limit salt consumption. It provokes fluid retention in the body. Quench your thirst with water and teas. Sweetened juices only stimulate the desire to drink even more, and carbonated drinks fill the stomach and intestines with gas. As a result, you suffer from flatulence.

And this month heartburn, gas and constipation are a serious challenge. It is advisable to avoid consuming sour, spicy and sweet foods. Fresh vegetables and fruits should be a must at the table. Exceptions are cabbage, legumes and fatty food.

Oatmeal can save you from unpleasant heartburn. Other natural remedies are grated carrot, ginger, potato juice. Keep being physically active. At the same time, the menu of a pregnant woman should be rich in calcium, as they are key to the health of the bones of the fetus.

Every day consume cottage cheese and various yogurt-dairy products. Calcium is also important for the maternal organism, so that the hair, nails and teeth do not suffer.

Sex in the second trimester

Whether you can continue to have an active sex life, only the supervising gynecologist can say, as each case is individual.

In most cases, pregnancy at this stage proceeds uneventfully and there are no contraindications. However, the impressive size of the abdomen can be a challenge.

During the sixth month of pregnancy, a woman may feel an increase in sexual desire. Positive emotions are always welcome, therefore intimate caresses with the partner are even recommended.

The rule remains: no sudden movements and deep penetration.

Сподели какво мислиш по темата и как се чувстваш по-долу.


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