6 gestational week

6 gestational week corresponds to the 2nd month of pregnancy and falls in the first trimester. The changes in a woman’s body make this week interesting and remarkable. The amniotic sac fills with fluid. The organism understands that this watery protective cushion is necessary for the future child, as it perfectly protects it.

The development of the nervous and circulatory systems goes on for hours, not days. The blood vessels are clearly visible in the embryo. The heart forms. It beats 150 times a minute – twice as fast as in an adult. The observing gynaecologist can detect this by ultrasound. The umbilical cord continues to form from the blood vessels.

Size and development of the embryo in the 6th gestational week

The embryo now looks like a larva or a small pea. Elements resembling eyes, nostrils and gills may be noticed. According to scientists, this stage in the development of the human creature speaks strongly that we originated from the aquatic civilization. Subsequently, the inner ear was formed from the gills.

The beginnings of hands and feet appear. Towards the end of the 6th gestational week, the formation of the rudiments of the fingers begins.

At the same time, the brain is formed. Initially, it comes to two cerebellar bladders, which gradually turn into hemispheres.

The stomach tube also changes. In it are formed the rudiments of the organs that will be the basis of the endocrine system – thyroid gland, parathyroid gland and almost 75% of the future pituitary gland. The pancreas forms and the initial development of the liver and lungs begins.

In one week, the embryo grows another centimeter. It already reaches about 1.3 cm. Although the pregnant woman does not feel it, the embryo is already moving slightly.

Signs of pregnancy in the sixth gestational week

If a gynecologist is already tracking the pregnancy, the weight detection has begun. Do not be unduly excited if you do not notice weight gain for the time being. It is possible that you may even lose weight during this week.

Typical symptoms include morning sickness, feeling tired during the day, increased salivation, rapid mood swings, etc. Sometimes you may even feel dizzy. You may complain of heartburn or stomach problems.

You may observe increased sensitivity of the mammary glands.

For your information, every third pregnant woman does not notice any changes in her body at this stage of pregnancy.

What does a pregnant woman feel during the 6th gestational week?

If you feel heaviness in the abdomen, it is advisable to consult a doctor. It is probably an increased uterine tone. It is necessary to take measures against sweating.

In the 6th gestational week of pregnancy, the risk of kidney problems is increased. It is possible to get infected. The uterus squeezes the bladder and this increases the tension. Frequent trips to the toilet at little need is a clear sign that you are pregnant.

Changes in the hormonal system can affect the appearance of a pregnant woman. Negative changes in skin condition are possible.

In addition, changes in the level of hormones lead to a decrease in the protective properties of the vagina. If before the lactic-acid environment in it protected the woman from infections, now disease-causing bacteria can develop without a problem.

If you notice an uncharacteristic discharge, do not hesitate to consult the gynecologist. The cause of the infection should be identified.

At this stage of pregnancy, candidiasis is likely to occur. It provokes itching in the genital area. The condition is manageable. It is necessary more often to consume dairy-acid products.

Practicing sex is allowed as long as there are no indications of a risk of miscarriage.

The menu of a pregnant woman in the sixth gestational week

The embryo continues to grow. The circulatory system and internal organs are actively developing. Now it is very important that the pregnant woman’s menu is rich in fluorine, phosphorus and calcium. Do not forget to take B vitamins. This means that dairy products and vegetables in any form should be present on the table.

Nausea can make a pregnant woman limit food consumption. So eat less and often.

What is seen on ultrasound?

The embryo is now clearly visible. You can notice the head and arms. The heart is also visible. For the moment, it resembles a small speck. Around it you will notice a yellow body – a dark spot half a millimeter in diameter.

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