41 gestational week

41 gestational week corresponds to 10 month of pregnancy. Nine months are now behind you, and this may be giving you slight anxious thoughts. Why isn’t the baby coming into the world? When will labour start? Could something go wrong after waiting for so long.

You should know that there is no cause for concern. A pregnancy is considered carried once 42 gestational weeks have fully elapsed. You have more time.

Fetal size and development at 41 gestational weeks

Height – 52 – 54cm.
Weight – 3.5 kg or more.
Head circumference – over 34.4 cm.
Abdominal circumference – over 36.7 cm.
As you already know, the child is completely ready to be born. All organs and systems are able to perform their functions independently.

In the 41st gestational week the weight of the child may have reached 3500 grams. The height is already 52-54 cm. The subcutaneous fat has noticeably made its forms rounder, the characteristic bracelets are also noticeable.

Meconium has accumulated in the baby’s gut. Ideally, it will shed just a few hours after birth. If the meconium gets into the amniotic fluid, this can provoke complications.

The placenta continues to age and thin. It no longer supplies the child with nutrients and oxygen as before. It does not even protect it from the outside, as it has done for the last 9 months.

On the other hand, at this stage of pregnancy, antibodies from the mother’s body are passed on to the child through the blood. This is a kind of natural vaccination that strengthens his immune system.

What does a pregnant woman feel during the forty-first gestational week?

Up to this point, the pregnant woman is busy counting the days to term. However, it has already passed, and labor has not begun. Doctors advise not to fall into anxious reflections. Instead, focus on body language and listen to every changing symptom.

Keep monitoring the child’s activity. It is a clear indicator of his or her health status.

The placenta continues to age. It is not supplying the baby with enough oxygen and he is feeling it. As before, the frequency of his movements should be at least one every 10 minutes.

You should know that the birth of a child in 41 gestational weeks is quite normal. There may be slight deviations in the calculation of the term. Trust in nature and soon the baby will be in your arms.

As before, continue to monitor the characteristics of the vaginal currents. They should be light in colour with a slightly sour smell. Any deviation from this norm is an occasion to immediately consult a doctor, since the health of your future child is at stake.

Watch for the fall of the so-called “plug”, which for months has protected your child from infections. If you notice amniotic fluid leakage, head to the hospital immediately.

A pregnant woman’s menu in the 41st gestational week

During this week of pregnancy, the dietary recommendations remain pretty much the same. On the table should be present food rich in protein – fish and dairy products. Do not forget about complex carbohydrates.

As childbirth approaches, it is desirable to keep the intestines clean. Consume more fiber. They are contained in fruits and vegetables.

There are various practices to stimulate childbirth through the consumption of certain foods, but we advise you to be cautious. Always consult the supervising obstetrician for such intentions.

Remember to take sufficient fluids daily.

What is seen on ultrasound?

Another examination during which the doctor will pay attention to the condition of the placenta, amniotic fluid and the position of the baby. On an ultrasound, the bones of the skull, which perfectly protect the brain, may be noticed. The connective tissue between them is the so-called fontanelle, which allows the child to pass through the birth canal without a problem.

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