4 gestational week

4 gestational week corresponds to 1 month of pregnancy and falls in the first trimester. Embryo development is at the very beginning. When the zygote (fertilized egg) begins to divide, on the third day it is already a morula, and on the fourth day it becomes a blastocyst. This is a structure that forms at the very beginning of development in all vertebrates.

The development of the embryo

The 4th gestational week is the end of the first month and the embryo has a serious task ahead. Now is the time when all possible organs on which its major functions depend, including the endocrine system, are formed.

After the cell attaches to the uterus, two layers begin to form around it. In other words, penetrating the uterine wall, the future child finds itself wrapped with a “blanket” on all sides. This is its living environment and from it it draws all the necessary nutrients.

The placenta has not yet formed. This means that the fetus is almost defenceless. It only reaches at most 0.5 mm in length and 1 mm in width.

At this early stage of embryo development, it is advisable for the pregnant woman to be attentive to any fluctuations in hormones. Abrupt changes in the hormonal background are capable of provoking sweating or other pathologies. The development of inflammation in the uterus is also dangerous.

If you notice bleeding, immediately consult a doctor.

Amazing, but fact

Already in the 4th gestational week of pregnancy, the head of the future child begins to form. Then three main layers develop – ectoderm, endoderm and mesoderm. It is these that have a direct influence on the formation of the brain, thyroid, pancreas, blood, muscles and skeleton.

Danger in the 4th gestational week

It is expressed in the likelihood that there is a risk of ectopic pregnancy. That is, the embryo fails to reach its final destination and begins to grow in the birth canal. In this case, doctors fix an ectopic pregnancy.

Signs of pregnancy in the fourth gestational week

You may be surprised, but the beginning of the life of your future child can turn you into a calm and poised woman. This is due to hormones! Pregnancy provokes changes even in the brain.

At the same time, the characteristic signs will manifest themselves: morning sickness, aversion to certain foods and smells, sudden mood swings, etc.

Pregnancy at this stage may also be accompanied by increased breast tenderness.

What will the pregnancy test show?

It is possible that even now the pregnancy test will report a negative result. After ultrasound examination, the correct answer may be available.

What does a pregnant woman feel during the fourth gestational week?
You continue to feel what you did in the 3rd gestational week – the characteristic symptoms that menstruation will soon begin. In addition, you feel nauseous and experience mild pain in your lower abdomen.

You may notice a slight bloody discharge. Sometimes it is due to the increased uterine tone. If you are worried, consult the gynaecologist again to confirm the diagnosis of pregnancy.

A woman’s menu in the 4th gestational week

After the examination at the gynecologist, like anything you will be directed to the pharmacy. There you will stock up on a pack of vitamins designed for pregnant women. In this period of pregnancy, the need for vitamins increases. They are important for the developing child, butalong with strengthening the bone system of the expectant mother and control the level of hemoglobin.

Key for the early stages of pregnancy is folic acid. Its intake is recommended even before becoming pregnant itself. It has a positive influence on the development of the child – it helps the optimal development of the nervous system and most organs and tissues.

We recommend not to rely entirely on synthetic vitamins. Get your valuable nutrients in a balanced way – from your daily food intake and supplements.

Continue to strive to eat a healthy diet. Stop smoking cigarettes, start the day with a bowl of oatmeal with dried fruit, and drink milk before bed.

Fasting is absolutely forbidden!


All kinds of anaesthetics, even for the treatment of a tooth


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