38 gestational week

38 gestational week corresponds to the 9th month of pregnancy and falls in the third trimester. Childbirth can begin today or tomorrow. This probability is completely within the norm. Usually girls rush to appear in the light of day.

Try not to stay alone for a long time. It is good to always have someone by your side to be able to help you in case of need. If the baby is born in the 38th gestational week, it is considered to be carried.

Fetal size and development at 38 weeks gestation

  • Height – 49.8 cm.
  • Weight – 3.1 kg.
  • Head circumference – 32.8 cm.
  • Abdominal circumference – 34.2 cm.

The best thing about the last weeks of pregnancy is that the child is already sufficiently developed, and even if an earlier birth than planned occurs, it will not need special care.

In 38 gestational weeks the child is already about 50 cm tall. Its weight exceeds 3.1 kg. The head circumference is 32.8 cm and the abdomen circumference is 34.2 mm. Now to the usual parameters should be added the dimensions of the fontanel – anterior and posterior, respectively 2.5-3 cm and 0.5 cm.

Now the head of the child represents ¼ of the body length. Previously, the ratio was 1:2.

The ear shells have become denser and the feet are visibly striated. The sex organs have developed, as have the reflexes. The first one you’ll notice is the sucker.

The placenta continues to thin and is less actively supplied with blood. On the surface begins the formation of something similar to cysts. Its thickness decreases rapidly. By the end of the week it will reach 34.94 mm.

This is also the reason why the child stops growing as fast as before. The amount of nutrients that the placenta used to provide is decreasing.

The child is completely ready to be born.

What does a pregnant woman feel during the thirty-eighth gestational week?

For some time, the pregnant woman lives in constant expectation. She cannot make long term plans as she does not know when the birth will start. Her attention is focused on preparing for the important day.

Clumsiness, breathlessness and stomach discomfort continue to plague her.

You may notice how the belly has sagged down slightly. This is normal and means that there is only a short time left until the birth. The height of the bottom of the uterus begins to lower. This also causes the pressure that the uterus puts on the diaphragm to decrease. As a result, you start to feel a little better.

The head of the fetus gradually lowers down. You will start to feel the characteristic pelvic and pubic pain.

The mammary glands will engorge and the nipples will secrete colostrum when pressed. The veins on the breasts become more noticeable and the nipples darken slightly.

Be careful – irritation of the nipples can increase the tone of the uterus and provoke the onset of labor.

At this stage of pregnancy, it is important to continue to monitor the condition of the vaginal currents. In this way, you will avoid the undesirable consequences of the development of infection. In color, the discharge should be light, and in smell – slightly sour. Any deviation from this norm is an occasion to contact the doctor.

Bloody drains may suggest placental abruption. If accompanied by pain, the likelihood that this is the cause increases. Seek medical attention immediately.

The same applies to amniotic fluid leakage.

The pregnant woman’s menu in the 38th gestational week

Adjust the food menu so that the intestines are as clean as possible. It is advisable to exclude foods such as rice, legumes and mushrooms. They can provoke constipation.

Increase protein consumption and continue to take dairy products daily. During the 38th gestational week, it is important that the menu is rich in potassium and calcium. You will get these through dairy products, fish, eggs and broccoli.

Do not limit your water consumption. You can now take a little more salt than before. A good alternative to salt is soy sauce.

Do not starve yourself in any case.

What is seen on ultrasound?

At this stage of pregnancy, the child draws its own strength to maintain its organism. Therefore, it does not grow at the previous rates. Its weight will stay within 3100 grams. During an ultrasound examination, the doctor will check its position and the condition of the placenta and amniotic fluid.

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