36 gestational week

36 gestational week corresponds to the 9th month of pregnancy and falls in the third trimester. Examinations at the doctor are more frequent, and this is quite understandable. He must carefully monitor the condition of the placenta. There is very little time left until the term and the birth can start at any moment.

Therefore, during this gestational week, it is advisable to have prepared the luggage for the hospital and all the necessary accompanying documents. Spend the last days before delivery reading explanatory information about what lies ahead and the first days with the baby.

Fetal size and development at 36 weeks gestation

  • Height – 47.4 cm.
  • Weight – 2.6 kg.
  • Head circumference – 31.7 cm.
  • Abdominal circumference – 32.5 cm.

One more week is behind you. The baby’s weight has already reached 2600 grams, at length it is about 47.4 cm. The head circumference is 31.7 cm and the abdomen circumference is 32.5 cm.

In the 36 gestational week the child already has quite rounded shapes, his skin is smoothed. The hair, eyebrows and eyelashes are well shaped. One of the factors for determining whether it is carried are the density of the cartilages. For the moment they are already quite dense, and the ear has a complex structure.

The number of movements of the baby should be monitored closely. They are indicative of his state of health. It is normal for a pregnant woman to feel 1-2 movements every quarter of an hour. If it seems to you that the movements are less frequent, the reason may be due to the narrow space in which it is already located.

The child has been upside down for another week. His heart is beating at 140 beats per minute. The blood vessels and respiratory system are fully developed and can provide for his independent existence. The surfactant is in sufficient quantity for the lungs to work fully.

As for the placenta, it continues to thin. For a long time its thickness has been increasing, but now it reaches only 35.59 mm. It continues to perform its responsible functions – to supply the child with the necessary nutrients and oxygen.

If the blood supply to the placenta deteriorates seriously, it puts the health of the child at risk. This situation requires immediate measures as it can lead to death. We recommend that you constantly monitor the frequency of the baby’s movements.

What does a pregnant woman feel during the thirty-sixth gestational week?

It has already become your habit to get up hard and perform household chores. Fatigue presses upon you frequently and this may somewhat make you lose patience. The due date is approaching and soon your offspring will be in your arms.

Psychological preparations are going on actively and it is even possible that fears of childbirth have diminished considerably.

At this advanced stage of pregnancy, it is advisable to focus on the upcoming events. In most cases, pregnant women have already chosen in what way they will give birth. They may even have familiarised themselves with the setting of the obstetric unit and the team that will deliver them. This is one of the reasons why the fear of childbirth disappears.

Anxiety and insomnia may plague you this week too. Concentrate on the pleasant moments of the day. Use your vacation time to watch enjoyable movies, read fascinating books and meet with loved ones. Keep your spirits buoyant and strong.

Along with this, monitor the condition of swelling. If you notice them appearing after walks or towards the end of the day, this may not be enough cause for concern. However, if they do not go away after a long rest, it is possible that you are suffering from gestosis.

You can lower the tension in your legs by elevating them.

During 36 gestational weeks, leg or arm stiffness is normal. Pain in the lower back provokes discomfort. At such times, the only consolation is the little time left to term.

Keep monitoring the condition of the vaginal currents. With any change of the usual nature, it is advisable to consult a doctor. Infections can harm the health of the fetus.

If amniotic fluid leaks, do not hesitate to head to the hospital immediately.

The menu of a pregnant woman in 36 gestational weeks

The accumulated weight in recent months has made the pregnant woman clumsy and the previous active pursuits are not her forte. This means that you should strive not to slack over food consumption. You simply cannot expend the calories.

Give preference to products that are rich in nutrients. This way, you will take care of the child’s full development. Avoid the consumption of exotic and unfamiliar foods. They can provoke an allergy.

Do not reach for products that are vacuum-packed. Read labels carefully.

Preparing for childbirth

It is perfectly natural at this stage to prepare for childbirth. It is advisable to perform stretching exercises. Some doctors advise doing massages using vegetable oils. Consult a doctor if you do not know what to choose.

The body itself is also preparing for the upcoming birth. Braxton Hicks contractions speak to this. They are quite slightly painful and quickly pass.

What is seen on ultrasound?

By the thirty-sixth gestational week, the uterus has increased in size 20 times. The baby continues to grow and gain weight. It has already taken the position that nature has ordained for it. It suggests that birth is imminent. The connective tissue between the bones of the skull will help it pass successfully through the birth canal.

The child’s bones are fully formed and flexible enough to avoid trauma during birth. Its movements continue to provoke mild pain in the mother, especially in the lower uterus and subcostal area. Now on ultrasound you can clearly distinguish the arch of the feet and the heels. The furrows on the feet are a sign of the degree of farrowing.

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