34 gestational week

34 gestational week corresponds to the 8th month of pregnancy and falls in the third trimester. Braxton Hicks contractions are now his usual. They are painful sensations that start at the top of the uterus and spread to all areas of the abdomen. They then subside.

Fetal size and development in the 34th gestational week

  • Height – 45 cm.
  • Weight – 2.1 kg.
  • Head circumference – 30.5 cm.
  • Abdominal circumference – 30.5 cm.

The child’s weight is now over 2 kg. Sometimes even over 2.2 kg. The length of his body reaches 45 cm. The head circumference is 30.5 cm and the abdomen – 30.5 cm.

In his mother’s belly is already quite narrow. This restricts movements, which it is advisable for the pregnant woman to regularly monitor. They are more frequent and well noticeable even with the eye.

Excessive activity or too weak may speak of feto-placental insufficiency.

During the 34th gestational week, the blood supply to the placenta decreases and it gradually begins to shrink. However, hormones responsible for lactation continue to be produced in it. The thickness of the placenta is about 33.89 mm.

Calcium, which has been actively accumulating in the child’s bones over the past weeks, continues to be crucial. Make sure that you take a sufficient amount of it every day.

What does a pregnant woman feel during the thirty-fourth gestational week?
Sometimes all a pregnant woman thinks about at this stage of pregnancy is giving birth. The days go by one after the other. When it’s been so long, you start to focus on the end of it. And it is known probably since the first check-up with the gynecologist.

And now it is advisable to avoid gaining extra weight. They can worsen your health condition and hence the child’s.

Only a few checkups remain until term. The doctor will once again measure the fetal ratio and pelvic size. If there are any problems, you will be told. A narrow pelvis can be a reason for scheduling a cesarean section.

Currently, the bottom of the uterus is 34 cm from the pubic bone. The internal organs continue to be squeezed. You may feel breathless without having exerted yourself physically. You can eliminate this discomfort by straightening your back and lifting your shoulders up.

There is still a risk of cardiovascular problems. Don’t underestimate the possibility of varicose veins. If there are already some, they will become more noticeable.

The digestive system will also be reminded that it is hampered. Heartburn, constipation and pain in the right lower abdomen will be daily occurrences.

Continue to count the child’s movements daily. Within a part they should be 4-6 in number. Any deviation from this norm is a reason to consult a doctor.

Take care of your condition. If you notice more swelling on the legs and arms, ask for help. This condition can negatively affect the health of the baby, impairing the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the placenta.

At this late stage of pregnancy, the cervix opens. This creates more conditions for infections to get in. It is important to monitor the condition of the vaginal currents. Any change is an occasion to consult a doctor. Some infections are accompanied by itching.

Blood in the vaginal discharge during the thirty-fourth gestational week may indicate placental abruption. Seek a doctor’s opinion immediately.

The pregnant woman’s menu in the 34th gestational week

Swelling on the legs and arms is an expected phenomenon at this stage of pregnancy. If they are combined with excessive weight gain, it is advisable to make adjustments to the menu.

With edema, it is a good idea to monitor how much fluid you consume daily and the amount of urine. Reduce your consumption of salt and products that contain it. It retains fluids in the body. It is possible that the doctor may recommend offloading days.

Dairy products continue to be among the most beneficial foods for a pregnant woman. They improve digestion and are even able to deal with heartburn. Replace sweet foods with dried fruits. Beets have a laxative effect. Use it if you suffer from constipation.

Keep taking supplements rich in vitamins and especially calcium. The child needs it.

Among other useful vitamins at this stage is vitamin K. It is found in Brussels sprouts, walnuts and green tea. Be sure to take vitamins C and E regularly. They protect against premature birth, bleeding and are necessary for the preparation of the baby’s lungs.

Preparing for childbirth:

Prepare everything you need for the birth. Do not leave this work for the dad-to-be, who may be distracted.

Do not be shy to ask some still vague questions to the doctor. This will give you confidence and you won’t harbour any unnecessary fears.

Get busy with the arrangement of the nursery.

What is seen on ultrasound?

During an ultrasound, the doctor will again check how the child is developing and what is the condition of the placenta and amniotic fluid.

The child’s body proportions have changed slightly. It continues to gain weight. And now his head is still larger than the body. The bones of the skull are still soft.

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