31 gestational weeks

31 gestational week corresponds to the 8th month of pregnancy and falls in the third trimester. And during this week, the child grows with each passing day, his weight increases, and he begins to acquire new habits. The pregnant woman, in turn, continues to experience discomfort – walking is increasingly cumbersome, and gasping is a daily occurrence.

Fetal size and development in the 31st gestational week

  • Height – 41.1 cm.
  • Weight – 1.5 kg.
  • Head circumference – 28.4 cm.
  • Abdominal circumference – 27.2 cm.

During this week, the child will already weigh up to 1.5 kg. With each passing week, it will gain about 200 g. The head circumference is now 28.4 cm and the abdomen circumference is 27.2 cm.

A new stage in the development of the child’s brain is emerging. The spheres of influence of each partition are determined.

In the 31st gestational week, the brain already weighs ¼ of the entire weight of the child. While for the adult person fat accumulation is a problem, for the baby it becomes crucial. The subcutaneous fat in his body is responsible for keeping him warm. They also contribute to skin tone.

A curious point of the child’s development at this stage is the accumulation of pigment in the retina of the eye and in the hair. The final color will manifest later, after the birth of the child.

The youngster can already orient whether it is dark or light outside. It cannot yet orient itself to colours. His internal organs are growing with him. The pancreas already produces insulin.

What does a pregnant woman feel during the thirty-first gestational week?

Pregnancy is coming to an end and the pregnant woman clearly notices the development of the child. If you measure yourself on the scale every week, you will notice that your weight is rising by 200 grams. The bottom of the uterus continues to rise – it is now 32 cm from the pubic bone.

You may be experiencing cramps low down in your abdomen even now – they resemble short contractions. Known ca as Braxton Hicks contractions. They are a kind of rehearsal, not premature labour.

What can be the signs of preterm labour? Pain low down in the abdomen or in the sacral area and leakage of amniotic fluid are two main things to keep in mind. However, there is still time until term.

Keep monitoring the frequency of the child’s movements. He is already tight and will become increasingly uncomfortable. In addition, the child is eager to assume an upside-down position, which is how it should be when labour begins.

It is also important to continue to observe the characteristics of the vaginal currents. Their texture and smell should meet the norms of health. Any change in their character is an occasion to consult the supervising gynecologist immediately.

Often, balancing the microflora can be achieved with topical treatment and the intake of lactic acid products containing lactobacilli. They positively affect the digestive system and strengthen the immune system.

The appearance of blood or bloody discharge is an alarming signal of alarm. You need an immediate examination. It may be a placental abruption. Increased uterine tone also puts you at risk.

The menu of a pregnant woman in 31 gestational weeks

It is normal during pregnancy for a woman to gain weight, however, you should aim to keep it within the normal range. Because of this, the supervising doctor will give you recommendations for menu adjustments. Do not gain extra weight.

You can accomplish this goal by being physically active. Take walks, read, watch movies that fill you with positive emotions. If you get hungry, eat something light. Try to limit your consumption of sandwiches and pizzas. Replace confectionery with fresh or dried fruit.

What is seen on ultrasound?

In the 31st gestational week, the child begins to distinguish voices and responds to loud sound. Fully formed ears are noticeable during an ultrasound. The nerve cells in them respond to impulses. The child’s brain now looks like that of an adult. It still continues to develop and improve.

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