3 gestational week

3 gestational week corresponds to 1 month of pregnancy and falls in the first trimester. It is crucial for pregnancy. If fertilization of the egg has not occurred by the end of the 2nd gestational week, the third week is the most favorable time for conception.

The third week of pregnancy is an important period. It is then that active fetal development begins, and also the migration of the egg. Its goal is to get to the uterus as quickly as possible and attach to its wall. In addition, the third week is the period of the beginning of the division of the fertilized egg. Now it is determined whether you will expect an only child, twins or triplets.

What happens during the 3rd gestational week of pregnancy?

This is the first week of fetal life.

From the time of ovulation, 24 hours have elapsed during which the egg must meet a sperm in the fallopian tube. If this does not happen, it loses its ability to fertilize.

The third week is therefore the most important.

During its first days, the zygote is still in the area of the fallopian tube and has not attached to the uterine wall.

As for the embryo, it feeds on proteins secreted by the fallopian tube glands and draws on its own energy reserves.

After falling into the inner lining of the uterus, the embryo sinks into the uterine wall. The process is known as implantation.

Signs of pregnancy at 3 weeks

Again, there can be no question of distinct signs. In most cases, pregnant women report typical sensations characteristic of premenstrual syndrome (PMS).

Occasionally, a slight discharge is observed, which is not dangerous for either the mother or the fetus. Because of this, pregnancy symptoms are sometimes confused with approaching menstruation.

It is possible to feel slight dizziness, drowsiness, slight pain low down in the abdomen, slight swelling of the breasts.

If you notice excessive or strange discharge, see a doctor immediately. It may be due to an infection.

The future child

In the third obstetric week, it is still small. It is a group of cells that carry important genetic information.

The process of development and formation has already begun and is going on full force. The dimensions of the fetus resemble a ball with a diameter of 0.1-0.2 mm. The number of cells increases to 250.

During the third week of pregnancy, the embryo is located in a small sac filled with amniotic fluid. So far, it receives nutrients not from the mother’s body, but from the yellow sac. It is in it that the process of blood formation takes place.

What does a pregnant woman feel?

At this stage, the expectant mother does not yet feel what is happening in her body. However, there are women who share that they feel the birth of a new life in themselves.

It is believed that the expectant mother does not suspect about her pregnancy until the 5-6th week.

Caution – be sensible

During the third week of pregnancy, it is advisable to avoid critical moments. Eliminate as much as possible the occasions of stress, overwork, overexertion and heavy physical exertion.

Do not take strong medicines and antibiotics before consulting a doctor.

During this period, the internal organs of the fetus begin to develop. It is important to avoid any negative factors during the first days of pregnancy.

The menu of a pregnant woman in the third gestational week

Pregnancy is a stage of life when it is advisable to give preference to a balanced diet. Consume food up to 5 times a day in small quantities. Choose unprocessed foods.

Pay attention to their composition. They should contain more calcium, iron, folic acid and protein. Therefore, vegetables, fruits, fish and dairy products are desirable to be regularly present on the table.

Do not forget to drink enough water every day – 1.5-2 liters. In this period of pregnancy, it is advisable to drink more water and not coffee.

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