28 gestational week

28 gestational week corresponds to the 7th month of pregnancy and falls in the third trimester. There is not much time left until term. You need to prepare for the important event. Many mothers at this stage continue to work, but also think about the staycation. In the twenty-eighth week, it is assumed that you have excluded from your lifestyle all activities and habits that would be dangerous for the child. Continue to avoid overexertion.

Fetal size and development in the twenty-eighth gestational week

  • Height – 37.6 cm.
  • Weight – 1 kg.
  • Head circumference – 26.3 cm.
  • Abdominal circumference – 24.2 cm.

The child already reaches a length of almost 38 cm, and its weight exceeds one kilogram. The head circumference reaches 26.3 cm and the abdomen – 24.2 cm.

The fetus continues to grow actively and all its systems are being perfected. His facial features are individual, and the accumulation of subcutaneous fat softens them. His hair fills with pigment.

Already at this stage it is possible to determine whether the child is right-handed or left-handed. Certainly by which hand he most often brings to his mouth. During an ultrasound examination this can be noticed.

In the 28 gestational week, the substance surfactant is already sufficient in amount in the baby’s body. It is the key to full breathing. If the child is born now, it will be able to take its first breath independently.

What does a pregnant woman feel during the twenty-eighth gestational week?

The child is rapidly gaining dozens of grams day after day. It gradually begins to feel discomfort from the cramped space it is in. Keep monitoring his number of movements per hour. They should not be less than 4.

It is possible that the pregnant woman complains of upper back and lower back pain. The cause is due to the pressure that the uterus exerts. You can relieve the condition by doing slight forward bends.

The uterus that has grown in size also affects another important organ – the liver. It is not impossible to feel pain in this area. See a doctor if you feel slightly nauseous or have heartburn after eating.

Stiffening of the limbs is a phenomenon that is caused by a calcium deficiency in the mother’s body. You can adjust the menu and you will forget about this discomfort.

Smoothly and confidently you are approaching the term, but you should keep in mind that the immune system is weakened. This means that you will not only get tired more easily, but you will also be prone to various diseases. Observe carefully the characteristics of vaginal currents – they are a clear sign of what is happening in the body.

To regain the balance of the microflora, you need to take care of the digestive system. Consume more dairy products with lactobacilli and wear underwear that is made of natural fabrics.

With particular care, treat the presence of blood in the vaginal discharge. See a doctor immediately. It could be a placental abruption.

The menu of a pregnant woman in the 28th gestational week

And in the twenty-eighth gestational week, the main part of the pregnant woman’s menu should consist of carbohydrates – they are a source of energy. In any case, consume food moderately – in small portions and less often. Stick more to complex carbohydrates – unlike simple ones, they contain many useful substances, including vigamine B, zinc, etc.

What is seen on ultrasound?

A child’s brain has an increasingly complex structure. The folds and cortex of the brain are formed. The weight has increased significantly. Hair is clearly visible on the child’s head, and there are the beginnings of teeth on the upper and lower jaw. These will grow in at a later stage, but the foundation is already in place. Your future child’s heart is beating at up to 180 beats per minute.

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