26 gestational week

The 26th gestational week corresponds to the 6th month of pregnancy and ends the second trimester of pregnancy. The abdomen of the expectant mother has grown significantly. There is no way that people around you will not notice that you are expecting a baby. It’s time to start actively preparing for the birth. Consider enrolling in a special course for expectant parents. You’re sure to get plenty of advice from loved ones, acquaintances and even strangers.

Fetal size and development at 26 weeks gestation

  • Height – 35.6 cm.
  • Weight – 760 g.
  • Head circumference – 23.8 cm.
  • Abdominal circumference – 22.3 cm.

At this stage of pregnancy, the child already weighs more than 800 g. In length his body reaches almost 36 cm. This result is to some extent mainly due to the growth hormone already produced in his body. Indicators such as: head circumference – 23.8 mm, abdominal circumference – 22.3 cm.

The child now distinguishes not only tastes but also flavours. His hearing responds to different sounds. It is most sensitive to low frequencies.

During this 26 gestational week of pregnancy, the base of the future teeth continues to develop, which will grow after the fall of the milk teeth.

The bone and muscle system is already fully developed. Therefore, often the pregnant woman quite strongly feels the kicks of the baby. Keep counting his movements, they are important for tracking normal development.

What does a pregnant woman feel during the twenty-sixth gestational week?

It is time to think about stopping labor activity. It is not bad to focus on the main thing at this stage of your life – the optimal and comfortable development of your future child.

Colleagues are ideally already trying to spare you. However, it is noticeable that you are increasingly focused on your pregnancy.

Surely you have noticed that performing the usual household chores now makes you stagger and take unusual breaks.

Your belly is getting bigger by the day and this is making you clumsy and lazy. Often it will fit you. It’s not a bad idea, but it is advisable to continue being physically active. Movement during pregnancy is key to the good health of mother and baby.

The fundus of the uterus has now risen to within 26 cm of the pubic bone. The pulling sensation is commonplace and doesn’t give you much of an impression. The child’s activity continues to put pressure on the internal organs and you may feel cramping in the liver area.

When the child moves, you can feel tension in the lower uterus. If these moments are followed by watery currents and the cervix is open, which the gynecologist will report, treatment should begin. There is a risk of infections getting into the uterus. Sometimes surgical intervention is required to continue the pregnancy.

If this is your second pregnancy, you may experience swelling, high blood pressure and other signs of late toxicosis. These symptoms are due to the increased weight. To avoid complications, you need to be under medical supervision.

Continue to monitor the characteristics of vaginal discharge. If they are purulent or slimy, you may be suffering from an infection. The doctor will order a microflora analysis and prescribe treatment. Such infections are dangerous as they can make the fetus sick.

The presence of blood in the vaginal discharge is a definite reason to see a doctor. Do not delay the examination. If you notice that the amniotic fluid is leaking even though you feel fine, again do not hesitate to see the gynecologist immediately.

The menu of a pregnant woman in the 26th gestational week

In the last few weeks, you may have seriously changed your diet to a healthier one, in line with your pregnancy condition.

Continue to avoid excess consumption of sugary foods. There are no vitamins in them, and the fetus needs just such nutrients.

Dark chocolate is advisable to be present on the table every day. It contains magnesium. Consume it in moderation.

Preparing for childbirth

Even if you are very responsible and active at work, it is advisable to take breaks. If you can take time off, do so. Even a few days will be beneficial for the peaceful development of pregnancy.

Use the free days to read useful literature for children’s development.

What is seen on an ultrasound?

You can now perfectly examine the face of the child. From time to time it tries to open its eyes. You can even determine what their color is. There are eyelashes and eyebrows.

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