24 gestational week

Gestational week 24 corresponds to month 6 of pregnancy and falls in the second trimester. The child is rapidly increasing its weight and the pregnant woman feels it clearly. The kicks become louder and you start getting used to them. During this gestational week, it is possible that you are tormented by heaviness in the legs, discomfort in the stomach and bladder area.

Fetal size and development in the 24th gestational week

  • Height – 30 cm.
  • Weight – 600 g.
  • Head circumference – 22.0 cm.
  • Abdominal circumference – 20.1 cm.

The child increasingly acquires a human appearance. Fat continues to accumulate under his skin. Therefore it is no longer so wrinkled. From now on, the child begins to grow even faster. So far, it has gained weight at the expense of the accumulating subcutaneous layer. Now this happens at the expense of the growth hormone. In the 24th gestational week it begins to be produced in the oganism of your future child.

The baby no longer just hears, but also responds to touch. It recognizes tastes and responds to light. He is able to guess exactly what emotions possess his mother.

Between mother and child there are special mechanisms, the grace of which the joy you feel provokes the fetus to respond actively. If you scream or are irritated, the opposite happens – the child’s movements subside. Be attentive to your moods. Do not let others worry you unnecessarily.

During each examination, the doctor will listen to the child’s heartbeat.

With edema, an increase in body weight above the norm, problems with blood pressure, it is possible to manifest preeclampsia. This is a serious condition that is capable of provoking the death of the child and worsening the condition of the mother. Do not underestimate it!

At this stage of pregnancy, the child is 30 cm long and weighs up to 600 g. The head circumference has reached 22.0 cm and the abdomen 20.1 cm. In one week, the placenta is already 25.37 mm thick.

What does the pregnant woman feel during the twenty-fourth gestational week?

During the sixth month of pregnancy, the expectant mother increasingly thinks about her child. Psychologists define this state as a dominant pregnancy.

The stretching of the skin can provoke itching. In each pregnant woman, the skin condition is individual, but usually the color of the stretch marks is reddish. You can alleviate the condition by applying a special cream. It will also cope with the feeling of dryness.

Keep in mind that stretch marks can also appear in the chest area.

During the 24th gestational week, the need for iron increases. The amount of blood increases and you may develop anemia. As a result, you feel tired, you get lightheaded and pale.

This discomfort is due to the thinning of the blood.

Enrich the menu with products containing more folic acid, vitamin C and zinc. In this way, iron will be absorbed optimally. Lack of oxygen in the blood (low hemoglobin) can affect not only the condition of the pregnant woman, but also the health of the baby.

Do not worry unnecessarily if you suffer from anemia. You should not fall into depression right now. It is necessary simply to supplement the menu with more vitamins and rest more. Keep your mood good and be patient.

During this gestational week you may feel pain in the liver area. The reason for this may be the pressure that the uterus is putting on the organs. You can relieve this type of painful sensations by changing your posture.

If you notice a purulent or slimy vaginal discharge that is different from usual, this may be a sign of inflammation (of the lining of the cervix or vagina). An infection may be the cause. It is mandatory to conduct a course of treatment.

However, if you notice a watery discharge, immediately consult a doctor. It may be a leakage of amniotic fluid. If this symptom is accompanied by increased uterine tone, there is a possibility that premature labor has begun.

The reason for such may be the presence of infection. Immediately seek medical help.

The menu of a pregnant woman in 24 gestational week

Enrich the menu with products rich in iron. The danger of anaemia is great and should not be underestimated. If you are pregnant in summer, consume more fruits. Especially useful for blood formation are cherries. In winter, give preference to pomegranates.

Continue to eat fish and seafood. Regularly prepare delicious salads with fresh cucumbers and cod liver. Don’t forget eggs. Egg whites contain a lot of iron.

It is advisable to consume fruits and vegetables fresh. When cooked, many of the vitamins in their composition are lost.

What is seen on ultrasound?

The child’s face and body are already almost completely formed. It looks just like a newborn. In his body, the formation of the lungs continues actively. The child is now awake, now resting. He listens with interest to the conversations you are having. It is important that they are positively charged. They say that children are calmer if they have not “witnessed” scandals during pregnancy.

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