23 gestational week

23 gestational week corresponds to 6 month of pregnancy and falls in the second trimester. Many pregnant women notice that they have thicker hair than ever before. Their skin is also in superb condition. You can thank hormones for this result. Carefully treat the selection of food products. Some foods can provoke constipation or heartburn. The feeling of heaviness in the legs continues to increase. Try not to overexert yourself and wear comfortable shoes.

Fetal size and development in the 23rd gestational week

  • Height – 28.9 cm.
  • Weight – 500 g.
  • Head circumference – 21.0 cm.
  • Abdominal circumference – 18.6 cm.

In 23 gestational week something very important happens – the respiratory system develops and alveoli form. In the alveoli themselves, in turn, will begin to produce surfactant – this substance is necessary to avoid the alveoli sticking together after the child takes a breath.

A deficiency of this substance means that the newborn child will have trouble breathing. It will not be complete. Surfactant builds up during pregnancy.

At this stage, the baby knows how to do almost everything that is necessary to survive. It has a swallowing reflex, its heart beats, its excretory and nervous systems function, etc. His mother notices his movements no less often than once every 10 minutes.

The urinary system is actively working and excretes urine into the amniotic fluid.

In the absence of complications, the child will continue to develop actively. The placenta continues to grow and is now up to 24.52 mm thick. The weight of the child has exceeded half a kilogram, and it reaches 29 cm in length.

Head circumference is 21.0 cm and abdominal circumference is 18.6 cm.

What does a pregnant woman feel during the twenty-third gestational week?

The abdomen continues to grow, and it is possible to feel back and lower back pain. To relieve the condition, you can do special exercises.

Each week the weight of the pregnant woman increases by 500 grams in the optimal case.

Appeared edema, the doctor can explain with a change in the work of the organs. It is due to pregnancy. He will warn you that if the condition of edema worsens, treatment will be necessary. Internal edema can provoke a violation of blood circulation, and it is associated with the health of the baby.

If a protein is detected in a urine analysis, the doctor will ascertain late toxicosis. It can manifest itself as numbness of the limbs.

If you notice that the child’s movements are more active than expected, this is an occasion to consult the supervising gynecologist. The causes may be different and it is advisable to clarify the specific one.

Continue to monitor for deviations in the characteristics of the vaginal discharge. If you deem it necessary, request further analyses. In this way you may avoid a potential problem.

If you notice blood in the vaginal discharge, be sure and see a doctor immediately. Especially if this sign is accompanied by abdominal pain.

The menu of a pregnant woman in the twenty-third gestational week

Continue to eat a balanced diet and drink enough water every day. Reduce the amount of salt consumed. You can replace it with soy sauce.

What is seen on ultrasound?

There may already be some moss on your child’s head. His bones, joints, spine and muscles are already noticeable. His weight is actively increasing and you may even find it difficult to see him fully on the monitor. You can take a detailed look at the face, arms, legs, and also the internal organs – liver, stomach, aorta, etc. It is interesting to observe how the child changes postures.

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