20 gestational weeks

20 weeks of gestation corresponds to 5 months of pregnancy and decreases in the second trimester. This week means halfway through! It is generally accepted that the second half of pregnancy is better perceived mentally than a pregnant woman. She is already accustomed to a number of changes and is happy with the daily perception of the movements of the fetus. The gynecologist will order tests that are important for the subsequent development of the pregnancy. The lightest trimester continues.

Size and development of the fetus during 20 weeks of gestation

  • Height – 25.6 cm / from head to toe /
  • Weight – 300 g.
  • Head circumference – 17.0 cm.
  • Abdominal circumference – 15.1 cm.

For another week the fruit is completely independent. Its internal organs and endocrine system are fully formed and perform their assigned functions. Wrinkles form in the brain, and the various parts improve day by day.

If until now it was an imitation of sucking movements, now the child can swallow and hear perfectly.

At this stage of pregnancy, his movements are well felt. It weighs almost 310 grams and its body length is 26 cm. The diameter of the head reaches 17.0 cm and the abdomen – 15.1 cm.

The gynecologist may recommend that the pregnant woman remember how many times the baby kicked in one day. Ideally, it will be one movement every 10 minutes. Don’t panic if you don’t notice so much over time and it will.

The thickness of the placenta now reaches 21.98 mm. Sometimes it is so low that it covers the cervix. This position is called lying down.

If it does not change, it is possible to appoint a cesarean section.

Ideally, the uterus should be at the level of the navel. Due to the pressure that the baby puts on the placenta, bleeding may occur. In such circumstances, immediate treatment is required.

How does a pregnant woman feel during the twentieth week of gestation?

You may experience back pain more often. The abdomen has grown significantly, and in the middle you can see a dark line. If you haven’t looked around yet, pay attention to the side of the abdomen – are there stretch marks?

The pregnant woman’s breasts are already much larger than usual. Changes in the body lead to a choice of completely different clothing – it is recommended that it be wider, made of natural fabrics and above all comfortable.

To deal with back pain, you can perform simple exercises for the spine. It is a good idea to give up uncomfortable shoes.

It is recommended to be physically active at this stage to avoid negative consequences. Use special creams against stretch marks.

In some pregnant women, varicose veins appear due to increased pressure on the blood vessels. Even if you don’t notice them, you may feel an atypical heaviness in your legs. To alleviate the condition, keep them high. Also use special compression socks.

If swelling occurs, consult a doctor. He will recommend adjustments to the diet menu. It is also possible to check the condition of the kidneys.

Any change in the characteristics of the flow from the vagina is a sufficient reason for a pregnant woman to consult a doctor. Additional tests can eliminate suspicions of infections and complications.

Bleeding may be a sign of a risk of miscarriage.

The menu of the pregnant woman during the twentieth week of gestation

At this stage, the pregnant woman eats for two. You may feel that you are eating without interruption. We advise you to be careful and not to gain more than 500 grams per week.

You may start to like foods that were not of interest to you before. If you feel like eating sweets, do not hold back, the body needs carbohydrates. If you drink beer, this is a signal that you need vitamin B.

What is seen on ultrasound?

In the photo you can see the atrium and heart of your future child. The aorta is visible. The baby’s abdomen is now filled with amniotic fluid. The dark oval on the monitor or photo is the belly.

Did you know that the composition of this fluid varies depending on the food that the pregnant woman consumes? Unbelievable, but a fact. The conclusion? Give your child tasty and healthy food.

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