2 months of pregnancy

The 2nd month of pregnancy is one of the most important. It is then that the formation of the placenta is completed, and the fetus is actively developing. Therefore, even the most insignificant negative factors can lead to fatal consequences.

The most dangerous is considered to be the middle of the second month, more precisely the 7th week. It is then that the function of the corpus luteum subsides, and the placenta has to take them on “its own back”. If the formation of the placenta has somehow proceeded with violations, the risk of termination of pregnancy increases manifold.

It is recommended that during this month of pregnancy a woman should work less and rest more often. Walks in the fresh air have a positive effect. It is imperative to avoid excess stress and pay attention to the food menu.

In the second month of pregnancy, the woman already knows that she is pregnant, since menstruation is absent. In addition, the breasts have swollen.

Signs of pregnancy in the 2nd month of pregnancy

The most obvious sign we have already mentioned – the absence of menstruation. It is almost 100% proof of pregnancy.

Other characteristic signs are:

  • toxicosis – especially during the morning hours of the day. Toxicosis exacerbates the sense of smell, it is possible that a pregnant woman feels an aversion to food and suffers from urges to vomit at the perception of the smell of certain food or perfume. Changes may also be seen in taste preferences, with sometimes an increased appetite for salty and unusual combinations of products.
  • Increase in breast size – due to the increase in the level of certain hormones.
  • darkening of the areolas around the nipples and of the mammary glands, even the appearance of veins under the skin can be noticed – all these signs are due to an increase in the volume of blood circulating in the body of a pregnant woman.
  • Changes such as unusual early rising, a feeling of overwork, constant drowsiness, periodic dizziness – these are signs that manifest themselves in the first weeks of pregnancy.
  • brittle nails, deterioration of hair health, pigment spots on the skin – they are due to the hormonal readjustment of the body and have a temporary nature.

The development of the fetus in the second month of pregnancy

At this stage of pregnancy, a woman should be very responsible. The embryo is highly sensitive to any negative factors. In the 2nd month of pregnancy, the relationship between the fetus and the mother’s body is finally established – the formation of the placenta is completed. In the next 2 months, the formation of all internal organs and systems of the future child will begin.

From the fifth gestational week begins the formation of the face: eyes, nose, the development of the lower and upper jaw begins, the ear shells are formed. The hands and feet of the fetus grow, the rudiments of the fingers also appear.

The future child already has a thymus – this is the most important organ in his immune system. We are talking about an endocrine gland. The heart is also improving – it already has septums and larger blood vessels, gradually becoming four-chambered.

The formation of the internal organs is in full swing, especially the liver, which by the 20th gestational week is the main blood-forming organ in the fetus.

The brain is also developing. The child begins to make its first movements, activating muscles. It turns its head, moves its arms and legs, tries to make fists and opens its mouth. It practices sucking and swallowing. Its movements at this stage are quite sluggish, but as early as the 6th gestational week they become noticeable on ultrasound.

The 2nd month of gestation is also unique because of the intensity with which the male fetus’ sex organs develop. In girls, the external sex organs are still unchanged. In boys, as early as the 8th gestational week, the testes are formed, which even produce the male hormone testosterone.

At the end of the second month, the fetus will already fully resemble a man, and the head represents almost 1/3 of his body.

The sensations of a pregnant woman 2 second month

They can hardly be called pleasant, as the female organism adapts to its new state. Unpleasant symptoms are due to the growth of the uterus. Externally, pregnancy remains unnoticeable, but inside the body many changes occur.

Under the influence of hormones, the expectant mother becomes more emotionally unstable. She easily becomes tearful, irritated and may even begin to feel anxiety and fear.

In the second month of pregnancy, it is quite common to encounter varicose veins. In addition to veins on the chest, a woman may notice dark red thin lines on her thighs in the form of asterisks. Their appearance is usually accompanied by a more rapid flaccidity of the legs, even pain in them. If you notice such a change, it is necessary to take measures – do not allow excessive weight gain, do not sit or stand straight for a long time, lift the legs more often on a pillow.

It is not excluded that during this month you will start suffering from headaches. Typical pains are also those in the abdomen and lower back. Often they do not pose a threat to the health of the fetus, but it is necessary to consult a doctor.

Vaginal discharge in the second month of pregnancy

Due to the high level of the hormone progesterone, it is common for a thick mucous plug to form in the cervical canal – in the coming months it will serve as a barrier against infections.

In addition, progesterone affects the quality and quantity of vaginal discharge. In the second month, they may become more abundant and thick, transparent in color. These changes do not go hand in hand with a feeling of discomfort.

If you notice yellowing or greening of the vaginal currents, unpleasant odor, itching or other discomfort associated with the genitals, it is necessary to immediately consult a doctor. It may be an infection.

The appearance of a bloody discharge is the most common concern of pregnant women at this stage of pregnancy. If it is accompanied by hypertonus of the uterus, it is not excluded that it is a matter of sweating. Be on the lookout for ectopic pregnancy as well.

Disease and treatment in the second month of pregnancy

In the first trimester, it is extremely dangerous to get sick, including getting sick with a cold. It is now that the fetus is actively forming and developing, the foundations of its organs and systems are being laid. A cold is capable of provoking abnormalities and even termination of pregnancy.

Usually in the first months, treatment with herbs is recommended – teas to drink, nasal washes and inhalations. Mandatory course of treatment is determined by a doctor.

To avoid diseases, refrain from visiting places where many people crowd, regularly flush your nose, especially during the autumn-winter period.

For fever in the second month

It is normal in the second month of pregnancy that a woman’s basal temperature is elevated – 37-37.5 degrees. It is explained by the increased level of progesterone.

However, if it is accompanied by nasal congestion, sore throat, cough and body aches, do not hesitate to go for a checkup. You may have contracted a virus.

An abnormally elevated body temperature at this stage of pregnancy can negatively affect fetal development.

Recommendations for nutrition in the second month of pregnancy

In order to enjoy a good feeling of well-being, it is advisable to eat a balanced diet with quality food. Provide the body with all the nutrients necessary for the development of the child.

Meat, fish, eggs and nuts should be present in the daily menu – they supply protein and amino acids. For the optimal work of the stomach and intestines – consume dairy products, fresh fruits and vegetables. Pay particular attention to vegetables with green color in them contains folic acid, which is important for the development of the nervous system of the fetus.

Limit: the consumption of bakery products, desserts and foods containing many simple carbohydrates, semi-finished products, sweet carbonated drinks, fried dishes and smoked products.

Eat moderately, 4-5 times a day, in small portions. It is recommended that the last meal of the day be a few hours before bedtime. This will avoid toxicosis.

In the morning, you can cope with the unpleasant symptoms with the help of a cup of tea and a rusk/salt cookie. In the best case, don’t even get out of bed. Snack in it, having prepared breakfast the night before.

Sex in the first trimester

It is right to know that in the second month of pregnancy, a woman often experiences drowsiness and chronic fatigue, and her mood is on the ebb and flow. This affects her sex life.

In the absence of contraindications, sex at this stage is even useful. It relieves psychological tension and brings pleasure. This is definitely a plus for a woman who is faced with changes in her body on a daily basis.

However, be careful. Sex should be safe because of the risk of developing infections. Exclude positions where there is deep penetration or sudden movements.

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