2 gestational week

2 gestational week – the woman’s body continues to prepare for the upcoming birth. This is the week preceding conception. If it proceeds successfully, the sperm and egg will meet in the oviduct. Their meeting will result in the creation of a new being with 46 chromosomes – 23 each from the mother and the father.

What changes occur in the body of a pregnant woman?

2 gestational week as a rule ends with ovulation. A follicle the size of a hazelnut or slightly larger has matured in the ovary. Under the influence of hormones that are produced by the pituitary gland, the follicle bursts. An egg comes out of it. This is ovulation itself.

The term of pregnancy is reckoned from the day of ovulation. If a woman’s cycle is irregular, it is possible that the calculations are slightly inaccurate.

However, a fetus cannot yet be spoken of. In fact, it attaches to the uterus most often by the 3-4th week of pregnancy. It is then that it can be seen by ultrasound examination (ultrasound).

How to increase the likelihood of conception?

As you know, during sexual intercourse sperm fall into a completely unusual environment for them in chemical composition. In order to get at least one of them “on target”, gynecologists recommend the following postures that increase the likelihood of conception: missionary posture and “on all fours” (the woman is on her knees and elbows).

Immediately after the end of sexual intercourse, it is desirable for the woman to remain in a supine position for no less than 20-30 minutes. For optimal effect, you can place a pillow under the pelvis.

Signs of pregnancy in the 2nd gestational week

You should not yet feel the characteristic signs. Gradually, however, the breasts become more sensitive.

You may be more irritable than usual.

What does the woman feel at this stage?

You may feel more sexual attraction during this period. In this case, you should not be afraid – sex will affect you positively.

It is not excluded that you may feel a slight pain low down in the abdomen, followed by a desire to lie down in the fetal position and warm the abdomen. Skip the last moment – the heat can provoke bleeding.

It’s time to stop carrying heavy. After market, hand the bags to your partner. Give up hot baths and sauna for a while.

What happens to menstruation?

For the next 9 months it will be absent. Absence of menstruation is a confirmation of pregnancy. If you notice bleeding, see a doctor immediately. There may be a problem (with the ovaries or some kind of inflammation).

Severe abdominal pain and fever are another reason to see a specialist without a minute’s delay.

A woman’s menu in the second gestational week

Complete nutrition is key. Continue to follow the recommendations from the 1st gestational week.

However, it is not necessary to strictly follow any diet. Allow yourself whatever you want, but in small amounts.

It is advisable to avoid processed foods and so-called fast food. Opt for fresh and tasty products.

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