19 gestational week

19 gestational week corresponds to the 5th month of pregnancy and falls in the second trimester. Most women already feel fetal movements daily. They resemble “fluttering butterfly wings”. The pregnant woman’s weight continues to increase, with her hips becoming wider. Along with this grows the fetus, which now looks quite human.

Fetal size and development in the 19th gestational week

  • Height – 15.3 cm. /without feet/
  • Weight – 240 g.
  • Head circumference – 16.0 cm.
  • Abdominal circumference – 14.0 cm.

At this stage the child is already responding to loud voice and sound. He twitches and moves his head in response to noises outside. Because of this, some doctors advise the pregnant woman to strive for a harmonious atmosphere at home.

The child also responds to melodious music that makes him relax.

His daily activities become more and more varied – he grimaces, hiccups, wrinkles his face, imitates sucking movements, wrinkles his eyebrows, etc. His nervous system gets more complicated with each passing day.

In the intestines of the child accumulates meconium – so called primordial mud. It is formed from dead cells that fall into the water surrounding the fetus.

Gradually the subcutaneous layer of fat develops. First of all in the neck, chest and kidneys. Because of this, there is a smoothing of the skin.

As before, it is covered with a special lubricant that helps keep it warm.

In the 19th gestational week, the child’s unique fingerprint is formed.

Only a few days separate him from the sixth month. His weight is already 240 grams and his body length reaches 15.3 cm. The thickness of the placenta continues to increase, reaching 21 mm.

According to scientists, at this stage of pregnancy the fetus makes 200 movements per minute. Can you imagine that?

The diameter of the head of the future child has reached 16.0 cm.

What does a pregnant woman feel during the nineteenth gestational week?

It is possible to feel the first kicks of the baby. If not, it will happen in the 19th gestational week. From now on, every day the fetus will remind you of itself. The exact frequency of his movements can be determined by ultrasound.

As before, the intestines are slightly squeezed by the uterus. This can provoke a decrease in their tone and problems with digestion. In some pregnant women, heartburn is observed after the consumption of certain foods. Such a risky food is fatty.

In order not to confuse colic with the pain characteristic of a possible interruption of pregnancy, you should know that pain in the intestines occurs occasionally and briefly. If the painful sensations persist for a long time – this is a reason to see a doctor.

The most common complaints of pregnant women in the nineteenth gestational week are constipation and sleep problems. The uterus and the fetus squeeze quite a lot of organs, and this leads to consequences.

Muscle cramps may also befall you. These are due to deficiency of calcium and other vitamins and minerals. You should know that the most easily absorbed calcium is that contained in food. Phosphorus, zinc and magnesium also contribute to its absorption.

At this stage of pregnancy, abundant discharge from the vagina can provoke itching and irritation. Therefore, consult a doctor. There is a risk of infections.

The appearance of blood or pain in the lower abdomen are cause for concern. Henceforth, these symptoms need to be checked at a moment’s notice. Timely treatment is the key to continuing the pregnancy.

Intimate relations during the nineteenth gestational week

At this stage of pregnancy, they are not contraindicated. It all depends on the condition of the pregnant woman, her sex drive and, of course, the recommendations of the supervising gynecologist.

The menu of a pregnant woman in the nineteenth gestational week

No matter how strong the appetite of the pregnant woman, she should aim to gain up to 500 grams per week.

Monitor her behavior and adjust portion sizes as needed. Carbohydrates and fiber are sources of energy. As before, foods rich in calcium and iodine must be present on the table.

What is seen on ultrasound?

It is increasingly interesting and exciting to observe the future child with an ultrasound. It already looks quite like a little person. You can see his face, tiny feet, heels, hands, palms and fingers with nails. His skin is smoothing due to the accumulation of a subcutaneous layer of fat.

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