17 gestational week

17 gestational week corresponds to the 4th month of pregnancy and falls in the second trimester. This is a wonderful period, which in most cases is not accompanied by negative sensations. However, it is possible that the pregnant woman’s gums bleed, increased sweating and profuse vaginal discharge may be observed. At this stage, it is advisable to rest more, go to bed for sleep at the same time and do not burden yourself with unnecessary affairs. During the seventeenth gestational week, it is definitely evident that you are pregnant.

Fetal size and development in the 17th gestational week

  • Height – 13 cm.
  • Weight – 140 g.
  • Head circumference – 14.1 cm.
  • Abdominal circumference – 12.0 cm.

You will be amazed at how much the fetus has developed. Its eyes already perceive light and are extremely sensitive. He clearly distinguishes day from night. The future child continues to actively develop and already holds his head upright.

Its diameter reaches 35.8 mm. More good news is that his hearing apparatus is almost fully developed. The fetus distinguishes sounds, their strength and even emotions that these sounds bring.

At this stage, some scientists recommend the pregnant woman to listen to melodious music, as it affects the development of the fetus well.

The child’s underlying fat tissue is already formed. It is generated on the example of the parental. If the pregnant woman has a disturbed metabolism, it is not excluded that the same problem will subsequently be faced by the child. In other words – the body type is determined in the 17th gestational week.

At this stage of pregnancy, calcium continues to be extremely necessary for the fetus. Its skeleton continues to develop and so do the future milk teeth.

Your future child is now almost 13 cm long and weighs over 130 grams.

What does a pregnant woman feel during the seventeenth gestational week?

The belly continues to grow, but beyond this noticeable visual change, more changes are taking place inside the woman’s body. The cervix of the uterus already reaches 17 cm. You may feel that the skin on the abdomen is beginning to stretch – the sensations are not pleasant and it is high time to take measures.

The abdomen is getting heavier. Some pregnant women begin to wear a special bandage.

At this stage, you may notice the appearance of “bumps” around the nipple – they are associated with the increase in sebaceous glands. The veins on the legs and on the chest become more noticeable.

In some pregnant women, pigment spots appear on the face. Therefore, if it is summer, short-term sun exposure is recommended. The reason is due to the fact that otherwise you risk the spots to become even more noticeable.

It is possible that the pregnant woman’s face will become puffy. This is normal for her condition. The movements of the fetus become more and more noticeable. Over the next 2-3 weeks the kicking will become even more noticeable.

During the 17th gestational week, both the uterus and the fetus have grown significantly. You can feel the pressure they are putting on the liver and stomach. Because of this, it is recommended that the pregnant woman eat more frequently with smaller portions. The presence of products containing fiber is mandatory.

At this stage of pregnancy, you begin to feel difficulties when you want to lie down and get out of bed. It may be difficult to find a comfortable sleeping posture. This can negatively affect your sleep.

An unpleasant moment of the seventeenth gestational week is the appearance of muscle stiffness of the legs. They can be due to a deficiency of vitamins and minerals (calcium, magnesium, B complex vitamins), but also to hormonal readjustment of the body.

Regular sun exposure (for vitamin D) and daily calcium intake is recommended.

It is a good idea to include a variety of stretching exercises in your workout regime. You should know that during pregnancy some ligaments are more susceptible to stretching than before. Suitable activities are shiatsu and yoga.

As you already know, the observation of the characteristics of the vaginal discharge continues. At best it is light in colour and has a slight sour smell.

The microflora of the vagina immediately reacts to any small change in the body of a pregnant woman, for example, weakening of the immune system, a lot of stress, fatigue, etc. They can become a reason for the development of infections.

Blood or pain in the abdomen are a reason to visit a doctor immediately. Do not postpone the examination.

The menu of a pregnant woman in the 17th gestational week

At this stage of pregnancy, it is important to take enough calcium daily. For this purpose, rely on yoghurt products, cottage cheese, cheese, cheese, sesame, etc.

Calcium is important for the development of the parathyroid glands, the normalization of blood pressure and the work of the heart.

Fatty dairy products are said to increase calcium absorption. Therefore, it is better to consume milk rather than cream.

You can also get calcium from vegetables and fish. We recommend eating sardines.

The daily calcium intake is 1500 mg. For better absorption, combine with phosphorus intake.

What is seen on ultrasound?

The sex of the child can now be accurately determined. It will constantly change its posture. His face is fully formed, the fingers are noticeable. His main features are present and in the right position you can notice them clearly.

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