15 gestational week

15 gestational week corresponds to the 4th month of pregnancy and falls in the second trimester. During this week of pregnancy, unpleasant sensations are minimized, appetite is healthy, but some women may notice that their skin is dry and nails are breaking.

Size and development of the embryo in the 15th gestational week

  • Height – 10.1 cm.
  • Weight – 70 g.
  • Head circumference – 10.8 cm.
  • Abdomen circumference – 9.6 cm.

Fetal length about 10 cm and weight about 70 g. Now, in addition to fetal length and head diameter, doctors also talk about abdominal and chest circumference. In the 15th gestational week, the head circumference is 10.8 cm and the abdomen circumference is 9.6 cm. The fetus is actively moving, although the pregnant woman does not feel it yet. This will happen by the 20th week.

The brain continues to develop. The tiny heart is working at a rate of 150-160 beats per minute. It moves almost 23 litres of blood through the vessels daily.

The subcutaneous fat is still not enough and therefore the skin is still transparent. The blood vessels are noticeable.

During the 15th gestational week, the bone marrow develops. The load on the placenta is even greater. Its thickness already reaches 17.7 mm. It provides reliable protection to the fetus, but is not able to protect it from infection. The amount of amniotic fluid increases.

The fetus is able to hear the mother’s voice and even recognize it.

The legs no longer lag behind in development and may even be longer than the arms. The eyes of the fetus are converging, and the ear shells are almost complete.

The pituitary, sweat and sebaceous glands have begun to function actively.

What does a pregnant woman feel during the fifteenth gestational week?

The pregnant woman’s abdomen clearly suggests her condition. The amniotic fluid is already more and the uterus has noticeably grown. The doctor will regularly measure the circumference of the abdomen and record the readings as well as where the uterus is located. She will be lifting more and more and not putting much pressure on the bladder and bowel.

It is possible that at this stage of pregnancy a woman will feel a surge of strength. The period is also known as blossoming and allows the pregnant woman to enjoy her condition.

It is possible that pigment spots have appeared on the face, and dark streaks have formed across the middle of the abdomen. It is due to the level of estrogen and progesterone, which are actively produced in the body.

The doctor may advise you to treat the pigment spots with special creams and avoid standing in the sun.

Among the problems that can plague a pregnant woman on a daily basis is constipation. Prophylactically, you can bet on the consumption of more fiber. They are contained in vegetables, fruits, whole grain breads, etc. In turn, beets and plums have a laxative effect.

If you experience anemia, do not delay and take active steps to normalize the level of iron in the body. Watch for symptoms such as dizziness, heaviness in the head and weakness.

Another dangerous condition is hypotension – low blood pressure. In it, blood flow to the blood vessels and brain is reduced. This can provoke oxygen deficiency and harm the condition of the fetus.

Continue to monitor the nature of vaginal discharge. Do not postpone a visit to the gynecologist if you notice an unusual color and smell or feel itching in the private part. Purulent discharge should be taken into account. There is a risk of various infections – trichomoniasis, chlamydia, gonorrhea, etc. In the presence of a bloody discharge, contact a gynecologist. It is possible that the cervix erodes, and this can lead to spotting.

The menu of a pregnant woman in the 15th gestational week

If you follow a balanced diet, you will easily compensate for the vitamins and minerals that are needed daily for the development of the fetus. At a minimum, increase your calories for the day by 200.

If you experience stomach discomfort, restrict the diet to rusk and tea for a short period.

During the 15th gestational week the uterus continues to rise up, this can provoke heaviness in the liver area. Avoid standing in one place. Consume food in small quantities but frequently. Give up heavy and fatty foods.

At this stage it pregnancy increases the need for vitamin C and iron. They affect the level of hemoglobin and blood formation. To get enough calcium, the doctor may recommend regular consumption of cottage cheese.

Aim to stay well hydrated. Drink fluids throughout the day.

What is seen on an ultrasound?

Now during an ultrasound examination you can look at the lower and upper jaw, ears and eyes. The fetus will constantly change its position, now sleeping, now awake.

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