14 gestational week

14 gestational week corresponds to the 4th month of pregnancy and falls in the second trimester. One of the most favorable periods of pregnancy continues to bring more comfort and confidence in the pregnant woman. The fetus seeks more and more occasions are communicating with the outside world. He hears the mother’s voice, senses her mood and it is time to start talking to him. It is normal for the appetite to increase. The body needs more protein. Avoid overeating.

Embryo size and development in the 14th gestational week

  • Height – 8.7 cm.
  • Weight – 43 g.
  • Head circumference – 9.6 cm.
  • Abdominal circumference – 8.4 cm.

If so far you have not noticed on the monitor in the office that the fetus strongly resembles a small baby, now the gynecologist himself will pay attention to this. Clearly distinguishable are all the elements of the face of the future child, including the eyebrows. The fetus’s wire is covered with tiny hairs that keep it warm and protect it from the amniotic fluid.

Several times a day, the little one drops urine, which gets into the waters around it and helps maintain their chemical balance.

During the 14th gestational week of pregnancy, important changes take place related to the baby’s hormonal health. The pancreas is actively developing – it is already producing insulin. The sexual organs are being perfected – in boys – the prostate, and in girls – the ovaries. Now they are located in the pelvic area, and before they were in the chest area.

Its length is 8-9 cm and weight 40-50 g. At this stage, the head of the fetus is 9.6 cm in diameter and that of the abdomen 8.4 cm. The placenta continues to thicken, reaching 16.85 mm.

What does a pregnant woman feel during the fourteenth gestational week?

During this period of pregnancy, it is key that sufficient vitamins and other nutrients are entering the woman’s body. A deficiency of these can negatively affect her health. In addition, the fetus is actively growing and requires more and more.

You may experience bleeding gums. Fatigue continues to be a daily companion. We recommend taking vitamin C.

It is not excluded that the hair becomes dry and the nails start to break. This indicates a vitamin A deficiency.

The uterus continues to grow. It is now located pubis, almost to the navel. The abdomen has noticeably swollen. In some pregnant women, a clear dark line forms around the center of the abdomen.

During the 14th gestational week, you may experience discomfort associated with intense sweating. Shortness of breath is common. It is due to the increased level of progesterone in the bronchi.

However, unpleasant sensations cannot be spoken of. The body continues to change and prepare for the future birth is breastfeeding.

It is imperative to pay attention to the nature of the vaginal currents. At the first signs of candidiasis – itching, for example, do not postpone the examination at the gynecologist.

Positively affect the full rest and calm. Sometimes they are enough to restore the normal microflora in the body of a pregnant woman.

You should know that the candida fungus is not dangerous for the fetus in itself. It begins to actively develop when the immune system weakens. However, as a result, it can mask a number of infections that are already dangerous for the growing organism.

The menu of a pregnant woman in the 14th gestational week

Surely you are already used to paying attention to the food you consume. Remember that it should be rich in vitamins and minerals. The fetus is actively growing and its needs are increasing along with it. Even the smallest deficiency is capable of affecting the self-esteem of a pregnant woman.

If you are faced with an allergy, it is advisable to become even more attentive to food products. It is imperative to consult a doctor. Limit the consumption of foods that are out of season.

It is a good idea to review which fruits and vegetables you can consume. Some of them are capable of provoking an allergy. For example, carrots, oranges, apricots, peaches, strawberries, etc. So eat in moderation and watch how foods affect you.

What is seen on ultrasound?

In the fourteenth gestational week, the toes begin to form clearly. On the monitor, you can notice the vertebrae along the spine. The fetus is actively moving its arms, and you can recognize the elbows and humerus bones.

The future baby constantly folds and unfolds its arms and touches itself. The face is increasingly formed – you can notice the forehead, neck and lips.

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