13 gestational week

13 gestational week corresponds to the 3rd month of pregnancy and falls in the first trimester. This is the end of the first trimester and its fears and worries will be history. A pleasant and calm period of pregnancy comes. The woman’s self-esteem is improved and she is actively contemplating future changes in her life.

Size and development of the embryo in the 13th gestational week

  • Height – 7.4 cm.
  • Weight – 23 g.
  • Head circumference – 8.4 cm.
  • Abdominal circumference – 7.4 cm.

At this stage of pregnancy, it can be said that the placenta is fully capable of performing all its tasks. It supports the life of the fetus and protects it against the effects of aggressive drugs. This means that if a pregnant woman has to take antibiotics, during this period there will be no great threat to the health of the fetus, but still try not to go there.

Now the placenta is a major conduit – it supplies the future child with proteins and fats.

The brain continues to actively develop. A number of reflexes are already noticeable. Bone and rib formation continues. This means that it is key for a woman to take in enough potassium daily.

The eyes and ears are now in their usual place. Since the fetus has no subcutaneous fat for now, its skin appears slightly wrinkled. Blood vessels can be noticed on its surface.

Although the placenta protects the fetus, there is a risk of infection through the amniotic fluid.

The length of the body of the future child is almost 8 cm. and its weight passes 23 g..

What does a pregnant woman feel during the thirteenth gestational week?

The 13th gestational week marks the beginning of a calm stage of pregnancy. The circulation of blood between the uterus and the placenta can provoke hypotension, so-called lower blood pressure.

Blood pressure problems are typical of a woman’s condition. However, if they cause you significant discomfort, it is imperative to consult a doctor.

The risk of constipation is great. The reason lies in the fact that the uterus squeezes the digestive tract and the liver. The tone of the organs is lowered. Since pregnant women can not take laxatives, this means that only tested natural remedies are applicable.

One option is by consuming 2 glasses of slightly salted water on an empty stomach. In extreme cases, an enema with vegetable oil can be applied.

The doctor may recommend special physical exercises to alleviate the problem. They positively affect the peristalsis of the intestines.

As for the vaginal discharge, continue to monitor its characteristics. Any change that is unusual is an occasion to share it with the gynecologist.

At this stage, the immune system is working well and there is no reason to develop candidiasis. In the case of weakening of immunity, it is possible that HPV infection may occur. This virus can provoke infectious diseases in the newborn. Treatment is necessary.

Do not delay a visit to the doctor if you notice a bloody discharge. There is still a risk of miscarriage.

The menu of a pregnant woman in the 13th gestational week

Breads and sweets should not dominate the pregnant woman’s table at this stage. When craving for sweets, rely on fresh fruits and dried fruits. Excess weight gain is not advisable. You should know that it is normal to gain 500 g per week.

Overeating sweets puts your child’s health at risk. It is even possible to develop diabetes mellitus and hypertension. In the child itself, there may be thyroid problems.

It is also not necessary to follow a strict diet. Be moderate and the menu must necessarily be varied.

What is seen on ultrasound?

During the 13th gestational week, the bone tissue of the fetus is already significantly more strengthened. Cartilage is beginning to be replaced by bone. The future child feels increasingly comfortable in the amniotic fluid.

During an ultrasound examination, the liver, intestines and heart can be seen. The bones of the skull are formed. The brain continues to refine and increase in size. The different partitions will even be visible on the monitor.

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