1 gestational week

1 gestational week – for many women, pregnancy begins from the moment of conception. This is not the case. There is a certain period of time during which the egg has to pass through the tubes and attach to the wall of the uterus. However, it is true that changes in the female body begin almost immediately. The immune system may weaken. As a result, you will feel inexplicable fatigue.

In obstetrics, the term of pregnancy is accepted to be calculated from the first day of the last menstruation. This method of calculation has become established, since it is too difficult to determine the exact day of the onset of ovulation, and also the date of conception. This is exactly 1 gestational week.

Like any period before menstruation, you will feel characteristic twitching sensations in the pelvic area and also a slight pain in the abdomen. The discomfort will be brief. Then you will feel fine again.

As a responsible parent-to-be, it is advisable to treat your medication with caution from now on. Eat healthily and avoid the bad habits you have practiced so far.

It is necessary to review the composition of the food menu and select products rich in folic acid. It is extremely important during the formation of the placenta – your child’s home for the next 9 months.

Is your body ready for pregnancy?

In the coming months, you will need to both get plenty of rest and get active. The best exercise is walking.

At your discretion, you can start practicing yoga, shiatsu or exercises that are designed for pregnant women.

What does the woman feel?

It is too early for pronounced symptoms such as morning sickness, intolerance to certain smells and foods, breast enlargement, etc.

What changes occur in a woman’s body?

From the moment pregnancy occurs, a woman’s body begins to adjust for what is to come. Everything happens under the control of the pituitary gland and another part of the brain – the hypothalamus.

Proper hormone metabolism is extremely important. That is why we recommend eating a balanced diet.

What will the pregnancy test show?

The test will give a negative result. It cannot be otherwise when you are completely healthy and have no problem with hormones.

A pale and barely noticeable second trait on the test will appear after no earlier than 10-12 days after conception. Have patience!

A woman’s menu in the 1st gestational week

Opt for lots of vegetables, fruits and fresh juices. During pregnancy, it is possible to increase your appetite for previously unusual foods. Follow your inner voice – sometimes it tells you what your body needs at that moment. You can consult a doctor just in case.

In any case, do not ignore the gynecologist’s recommendations. He will prescribe you vitamins and other nutritional supplements that are necessary for the optimal course of pregnancy and fetal development.

During pregnancy, many women experience a decreased hemoglobin level. In order to absorb iron, it is necessary to take an adequate amount of folic acid.


The use of tobacco products and alcohol

Exposure to stressful situations

Consumption of foods that may be poisonous

Taking x-rays

Limit contact with sick people

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